What’s your problem, West St. Paul?

A day after yet another tiff at a city council meeting where an ongoing political dispute between the city’s first female mayor and at least one member of the council has included allegations of misogyny, police say someone has sprinkled screws around the mayor’s driveway to flatten her tires.

Mayor Jenny Halverson is one of six residents reporting the apparent assaults, a police official tells the Pioneer Press.

“We don’t believe this happened in one night,” Lt. Brian Sturgeon said. “It was spread out.”

All of the driveways belonged to women who spoke at a May 14 council meeting against alleged sexism the mayor has faced from four members of the body.

In April, someone delivered tampons and tissues to the homes of Halverson and Samantha Green, whose rejection by the council for a spot on the city’s planning commission started the public allegations of misogyny.

Green was finally appointed to the commission this week on a 5-to-0 vote with one council member abstaining.

Four council members apologized to the women at this week’s meeting. A fifth reportedly blamed Halverson for casting a shadow over the city with her claims.

“If you threaten us, we will not bow down to you,” Wendy Berry, one of the targets of the screws and a candidate for city council, told the council at this week’s meeting. “If you tell us we can’t do something, we will show that we can. If you come to our homes and vandalize our tires, we will change them in our driveway on a Sunday morning. We will file a police report, and we will start to organize a clinic to make sure that other women know how to change their tires.”

  • KTFoley

    What are these anonymous individuals trying to say?

    “if you allege misogyny, we will mock and vandalize you because you’re so wrong about the misogyny.”


  • Al

    If someone’s going to screw with my tires, they can wait until broad daylight, and let me watch. Then we’ll talk. Otherwise: Cowards.

  • >>A fifth reportedly blamed Halverson for casting a shadow over the city with her claims.<<

    I think we may have found a suspect…or at the least, someone who might know the perps…

    • The Press article identifies a suspect.

      • KTFoley

        Do you mean Meisinger, the former mayor?

        • See the Press article.

          • I still don’t see it in the Press article. Nothing that states that an actual suspect has been named.

            /Maybe I need more coffee?

          • I didn’t say an “actual” suspect — charged by the cops — had been named. I said the Press had listed one.

          • Ken Paulman

            If it’s fair to point out, the person whom we’re not naming also has a misdemeanor conviction in 2011 for violating a restraining order and showed up at the May 14 council meeting with a gun. Not proof that he’s guilty of any recent crimes, of course.

          • KTFoley

            I read it, twice. That’s the only allusion to a suspect. The article header notes an update at 8:09 am soon after you posted.

            What am I missing?

          • Nothing. I said the PiPress had identified a suspect. One. That one. I’m not going to identify anyone in this space.

          • KTFoley

            Okay, thanks.

  • The Resistance

    It’s not an entire city of 20,000 that has a problem. It’s likely one or two mysogynistic, cowardly men that are doing this.
    It could be a former mayor who has a history of anger management issues and a scary Facebook page.
    Or a current city councilperson who has argued with the mayor and told citizens to ‘shut up’.
    OJ’s also roaming around so it could be him.
    But the entire city is not to blame.

  • Jane on the Spot

    There’s a culture and attitude of male privilege that is pervasive among Councilmembers Iago, Bellows, and Fernandez. Bellows just happens to be the most vocal about his attitude, regardless of what constituents say to him (it must be hard to be right about everything ALL of the time). Meisinger is a product of this culture and is empowered by these 3 and their tone-deaf reactions to citizen comments for at least 3 of the last meetings. They are all buddies, including John Ramsay and Jim Probst, who, along with Meisinger, are all running for Council to force a primary. There’s so many layers to this it’s incredible. Meisinger even showed up at one of the meetings, open carrying a Glock, with a t-shirt that said, “Shhh…No One Cares.” Lots of speculation around town that he is unstable.

  • Natalie Warnberg

    Where do you report screws in tires? I’ve had them everyday for 3 months. I think it could be realted.

  • lindblomeagles

    I’m out! First the NFL for that stupid anthem policy, now West Saint Paul. I love the Baker’s Square and Great Moon Buffet on Robert Street, as well as the Home Depot, but I HAVE A DAUGHTER. I can’t support a city that regularly elects bigots to the City Council. If I’m not mistaken, one of the former Councilmembers flew a “Don’t Tread on Me,” Confederate Flag at his home, and that was back in 2012/2013. Now this. I can’t do it anymore. I’m not shopping at any West Saint Paul store this year. I’m out.