The people among us who make you want to be a better person

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness, courtesy of KARE 11.

Natalie Schuneman took her son, Landon, 8, to the Under Armour store in Albertville, Minn., on Monday to buy his first pair of shoes since he stopped wearing corrective equipment because of a club foot.

She found the equipment had stunted the growth of a foot so that she’d need to be buying two pairs of shoes for him for the foreseeable future.

“I said, ‘How about you buy the (size) three, I’ll buy the (size) six.’ He gets to go home with the pair that he wants. Why not make him happy?” the store manager said.

“It just makes you feel good,” Landon’s mom said. “It makes you want to be a better person.”

  • The price of good press is certainly more than a pair of shoes.

    /And yes, that’s pretty cool of that manager to do.

    • That’s not a calculation the store manager made, however.

      • Yeah, I was just being cynical.

        /In a bad mood since I heard that Kennedy is retiring.

  • Amy

    Thanks. Needed a story of kindness today.

  • dukepowell

    I drive by the Albertville Outlet center on a regular basis and have never stopped. Next time, I’m going to visit this Under Armour store and buy something……

  • BJ

    And those are really good shoes. Between me and my wife I think we have purchased 5 pairs from UA in last 18 months.

    As a nurse she goes though a pair every 9 months, and my soccer coaching burns up a pair every season – plus our every day shoes.