It’s softbrawl season in the south

The athletic director in Kingsport, Tenn., wins the competition for understatement this week with this observation after a brawl broke out between parents watching their girls play softball.

“It’s a shame this had to happen,” Todd McLemore tells the Kingsport Times News.

The two teams playing were from North Carolina. It started when a group of parents got on an umpire for calls they thought favored the competition. So the parents from the other team took it upon themselves to be the police.

Here’s the original video on Facebook.

Kingsport TN MMA, wait a minute I mean softball

Posted by Bryan Sayers on Saturday, June 16, 2018

When the real cops showed up, everyone dummied up. Nobody claimed to be a victim. Nobody needed medical attention. Nobody saw anything except the spectator who posted the mess to Facebook.

USA Softball kicked both teams out of the tournament as well as future tournaments.

The players are in a 12-and-under softball league.

Not surprisingly, the comments section of the newspaper’s story on the brawl became a fight over President Trump.

  • mnboy67

    Somewhere the devil is smiling and laughing…

  • Gary F

    12 and under. That is about the age kids already think their parents are dorks. Wow, they really have to be proud of their parents here. Yikes.

  • bkoehn

    It looked to me like there were one or at most two guys instigating something, and the rest basically fell on them to break it up. I do find your use of “from the South” an interesting way to distance yourself and your audience from the perpetrators. Seems like the goal of the post (and a lot of posts recently) has been to “tsk tsk” the behavior of others from a safe distance. It’s unseemly.

    • // an interesting way to distance yourself and your audience from the perpetrators.

      : not seemly: such as
      a : not according with established standards of good form or taste unseemly bickering
      b : not suitable for time or place : inappropriate, unseasonable
      — unseemliness play ˌən-ˈsēm-lē-nəs noun

    • Gordon near Two Harbors

      The South has always been the capital of weird stuff–as well as being in last place in just about everything.

      • bkoehn

        Thanks for proving my point. Highlighting the region serves one purpose: to allow the readers to distance themselves from the event. Why not, “It’s Softbrawl Season for White Men”?

        • Gordon near Two Harbors

          No, I just pointed out a truism.

    • Erik Petersen

      I also see this as tsk tsk ing the south a bit so that we northerners can signal our cultural superiority.

      Is it really that superior? MN and WI seem to have what I’ve been characterizing as Appalachian levels of fishing hole and hunting land confrontations that end in manslaughter.

      • I look at almost every survey of states and the one thing I notice is there’s really good reason for Minnesotans and many other northern states to feel superior.

        Health care, education, literacy, household income, softbrawls. We almost run the table.

        And there’s that racist history thing.

        • Erik Petersen

          There’s barely a damns worth of difference between the racism here and that of the south

          • Nato Coles

            This is completely untrue. This is actually the one of the arguments that southern Senators would use to derail anti-lynching bills. I don’t want to minimize the history of institutional white supremacy, redlining, sundown towns, etc. in the north, but to reiterate: because there was and is racism in the north absolutely does not mean that the racism in the south, especially pre-Civil Rights movement, wasn’t worse and more violent.

          • Erik Petersen

            I believe everything you want to discern about race in this state can be understood through the Castile case, and the authorities here wanted to give Yanez a medal for a ‘good shoot’ in the days immediately after.

            This is not qualitatively different than ‘the south’.

          • Nato Coles

            What happened to Castile, and happens across the north, to marginalized communities at the hands of an institutionally racist police force is not different than what happens in the south. What HAS HAPPENED in the south and the LEGACY of the brutality of Jim Crow era to the African American population in the south is fundamentally different in scale and intensity than the history of similar – and yes, sometimes identical – incidents in the north. To dispute this is to parrot the arguments southern Senators would use to argue down anti-lynching bills. I’m not making this up.

            I want to add: I’m not saying any of this to minimize anything that’s happened in the north, to feel good about the north being “better”… I’m just making sure the horror of Jim Crow in the south is clearly laid out. The great migration happened for many reasons but that’s the big one.

          • Erik Petersen

            I buy your analysis. Still, lets not get crazy patting ourselves on the back.

          • Education, health, household income, literacy, infrastructure, opportunity, health care, governance, economy … in all of those measures , Minnesota is at or near the top. Southern states are near the bottom.

            These are facts.

          • lindblomeagles

            He’s right. These trends have been persistent for at least 20 years too. Just read 24/7 sometime.

          • // This is not qualitatively different than ‘the south’.

            I’m pretty sure the assertion that people wanted to give yanez a medal isn’t even qualitative.

          • Erik Petersen

            You have caught me being hyperbolic about the medal part. There was no end of fat sows in blue who expressed it as a ‘good shoot’ however.

        • Erik Petersen

          Your’e right Bob, we have no racist history in Minnesota. None.

          • Mike

            Yep, and no northern fortunes were made off slavery and its associated evils either. 😉 How easily we forget that slavery itself existed in New England through the first half of the 19th century.

            Projection is always a comforting psychological crutch. The mass version of it all the more so.

        • Rob

          The Duluth lynchings and the Palmer Committee aside.

          • Sure. There’s no claim that Minnesota is without racism. OTOH, obstruction of justice wasn’t a state policy here when it came to civil rights.

  • Rob

    Would not want to be on the bottom of that pile of beefy bods…

  • Jeffrey

    I weep for America.

    • Jack Ungerleider

      Don’t weep for America, weep for her children.

  • EarthToBobby

    Pretty sure I’ve seen this episode somewhere else…

  • lusophone

    Looks like it was mainly the women trying to pull the stupid dads off of each other.

    It’s really sad seeing the kids reaction to their parents behavior.

  • ec99

    This is one reason I quit coaching youth sports. The kids were great. The parents…

  • Are we sure that wasn’t a video of walrus rutting season?

    • ec99

      Yes. I didn’t see any of the usual suspects from Animal Planet present.

  • Jack Ungerleider

    From the Kingsport Times News story: “the East Wilkes Cardinal Heat and the Blue Ridge Explosion”

    It seems the Cardinal fans got heated and the Blue Ridge fans exploded.

  • Erik Petersen

    It happened in Minnesota, but not on phone cam: I was regaled last evening at my son’s little league… where no kid has had TJ surgery, by the way…. about the details of a fight that occurred at a game a couple days ago where a 70 year old man slugged an opposing coach.

  • jon

    “Not surprisingly, the comments section of the newspaper’s story on the brawl became a fight over President Trump.”

    I’m sure if trump was actually involved in the brawl it would have been huuge… the biggest brawl since charleston, with Great people, the best people, on both sides!

    Or just a trump WWE re-enactment.

  • Mike Worcester

    //The players are in a 12-and-under softball league.

    And sadly they will pay a price for their parents’ idiocy.

    Perhaps it is time to take the “adults” out of youth sports? Or at least keep them out of the stadium?