Greenbush, Minn.? That’s a robot town

There’s no shortage of odes to the ability of athletes and high school sports teams to be the center and glue of a small town.

But what if someone paid similar attention to the brainpower — in this case the high school robotics competition and its ability to capture the hearts of that small town?

Someone has. In Greenbush in far northwestern Minnesota, population 719.

In a profile in the Star Tribune in April, the Star Tribune’s John Reinan said the kids are “Hoosiers with robots,” a reference to the movie of an Indiana small town high school team that won a state championship.

Meh. Greenbush has two of those, winning one in 2016, finishing second last year, and winning the second last month.

The film will premiere at the Roso Theater in Roseau, Minn., in August.

(h/t: Michael Knutson)

  • Gary F

    First Robotics program, best thing that has happened to high schools in the last 10 years. Design, build, and marketing, the real world of today’s manufacturing marketplace.

    And small towns can win, and as a former volunteer mentor in this program, and knowing what it takes to compete, let alone win, this is a great achievement.

  • Carol S.

    One of the needlework blogs I read is written by a woman who coaches her son’s robotics team (she’s an MIT-educated engineer). Dang, those kids are smart, motivated, and out to change the world. When I look at robotics and other activities that teach these sorts of skills, I am not at all concerned for the future of our country.

    • Gary F

      A combination of computer class and computer design, shop class, and business marketing class. You work hard in designing a building then show up on competition day and see what the other schools did. A lot of cheering, and some tears.

  • Guest

    One scientist can have a greater impact on the world than all the sports stars put together.

    • jon

      Now when you say “impact” are we talking the kind that leaves a crater? Because if so movies have taught me that james bond keeps our world safe from scientists (and the mad men who they work for) being able to cause such impacts.


      • Guest

        Good One 🙂

  • DK

    Just a clarifying note — the Minnesota State Robotics Championship is not as prestigious as the regional tournaments and has some odd eligibility rules that leave out some strong teams. For example, my son’s team has twice qualified for the world championship tournament without qualifying for the Minnesota state tournament, and this year they did not qualify for Worlds but did qualify for state. That being said, the Greenbush Gators are a superb team. I saw them at tournaments twice this year and they were easily the best robot competing both times.

  • Marilyn Phelps

    Isn’t Greenbush just west of Princeton?