Driving in cars, singing Beatles songs, and waiting for this moment to arrive

We’re dipping into the “Because It’s Friday, That’s Why” file to end the NewsCut week on a high note. Literally.

As ugly as the world can be, there’s still beauty in the fact the very idea of driving around in a car with Paul McCartney, singing Beatles songs can still move people to tears.

This is quite extraordinary.

  • I loved this…

    Thanks Bob.

  • crystals

    This is lovely – 23 minutes of joy we all deserve. I’d seen a few people share it, but this post got me to watch it and I am so thankful.

    Ever since I found out the Little Rock Nine was the inspiration behind Blackbird I basically tear up as soon as I hear it. This time was no exception.

  • Ben Chorn

    Exactly what I needed to close out this work week

  • Amy

    That pub scene!!! All the people knowing all the words, even the young people!

  • JamieHX

    Words escape me. Thanks for posting this.

  • wjc

    There are some other great Carpool Karaokes, but this one tops them all. Thanks, Bob.

  • AL287

    I listen to “Rubber Soul” when I drive to my son’s house in Southeast Minnesota. (Drive My Car is one of the 14 tracks on the album).

    I also have the LP record.

    I agree with everyone else on the post.

    Well done, Bob!

    Well done!

  • Curt

    Three words… Holy. Flippin’. Cow!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Bob.

  • Gordon near Two Harbors

    FANTASTIC! Thanks, Bob.

  • Bonnie

    James Corden is magic. I agree he is underrated. Why is that.

    • I thought he was terrific in “Begin Again,” a movie I really loved.

  • merry_rose

    Probably the best Carpool Karaoke that James has ever done. I have tears of joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing it here. I shall share it forward and spread the love.