1,000 Words: The lockdown song

Your kindergartners are going to be singing new nursery rhymes.

Georgy Cohen, a Boston creative director, shared the image on Twitter Wednesday.

(h/t: Steve Inskeep)

  • wjc


  • Lois Gaetz

    “now it’s time to have some fun” ????

    • Sure! After all, a lockdown can’t be ALL be doom and gloom.

      • theoacme

        I mean, they made a musical of the Third Reich *, that had to be worse than school lockdown songs, right?

        * – Excepting Mel Brooks’ The Producers, to be certain, I don’t think anybody else could have possibly made a Hitler musical and gotten away with it…

    • RBHolb

      I’m sure they would clear away the bodies first.

  • John


  • theoacme

    Warm summer’s morning
    A lockdown song in the school
    And Trump loves it!

    If Barron was shot
    With guns from the NRA
    Trump would blame his son

    And write some new laws
    Posthumously convicting
    School shooting victims

    Of super treason
    The biglyest and worstest treason
    Ever possible

    And in every school
    Require a new school pledge
    To the NRA

    And to the evil
    For which it stands, “One shooter,
    Under God, kill all…

    …and kill all who don’t
    Support our right to mass shoot
    Kids in all our schools

    With AR-15’s
    And all semi-auto guns…”

    With willful hatred

    Of the very first clause
    Of the Second Amendment
    Involving this phrase…

    “…well regulated”
    Which would surely be against
    Lockdown songs in school?

  • kevins

    Yeah, but what’s the melody?…could be cute at the Kindergarten program..grandmas and grandpas could all bring their heaters just in case any of the little folks got mouthy.

    • theoacme

      Elmer Fudd’s Siegfried, from “What’s Opera, Doc?”, has it covered…

      …with the appropriate Wagnerian accompaniment from the Minnesota Orchestra…


    • Jeff C.

      Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

  • AL287

    If I ever see this hanging in my grandson’s kindergarten classroom, I’m going to start a petition to recall the superintendent.

    I’d like to know what twisted individual thought this was a good idea.

    This is NOT okay by any stretch of the imagination.

    • crystals

      If this ever happens, I hope you would find out who thought this was a good idea before starting a petition to recall the superintendent (who it’s very possible had absolutely no idea this was happening). Order of operations and all.

      Outrage is fine, and that our kids have to learn songs like this is cause for outrage. Let’s just be a little more strategic about what we do with our outrage. Register people to vote, run get out the vote efforts, introduce new ordinances and laws and school board policies. That’s what’s going to make a real difference.

    • Jeff C.

      Should there not be fire drills? Should there not be tornado drills? Should there not be lockdown drills for times when a kindergarten student can’t be found in the building? Should there not be active shooter drills for the older kids in the building? Sadly, since we as a a society have chosen to have drills for all of these things, the kindergarten students who are in this building are gong to have them, too. If you don’t want to have them, suggest something different besides “Don’t have them” because the ship has already sailed.

  • Angry Jonny

    Not entirely a new phenomenon.


  • Mike Worcester

    Frère Jacques has been replaced? That’s sad…

  • KTFoley

    If I were to think about root cause, I’d direct my outrage at the fact that lockdown drills have to happen in the first place.

    A teacher who has to do lockdown drills for kindergarteners is undoubtedly walking a tightrope between making sure 5- and 6-year-old children absorb what they need to do before they need to do it, and making sure those same children are not traumatized by the reminder that they might be killed in the classroom.

    Put yourself in the teacher’s place — how would YOU accomplish that?

  • AmiSchwab