1,000 Words: The daily paper

“I can tell you this: We are putting out a damn paper tomorrow!”
– Chase Cook, reporter, The Capital Gazette

Read this thread from MPR hero Jon Collins:

Archive: The miracle of the daily newspaper (NewsCut)

  • Jared

    The picture of the reporters working on today’s paper in the parking lot was really powerful. It shows such a commitment to the service they provide.

  • Jim in RF

    I woke up sad today. There’s a giant snowball coming down the mountain.

  • Chris

    There is a weak element of both sides-ism here. Only one party routinely holds rallies where the president uses “enemy of the people” and the crowd has a 2 minutes hate at the penned reporters.

    • Nato Coles

      This is true. It’s like that Super Bowl where the 49ers clobbered the Broncos so many years ago… hey, both sides scored points!

  • jon

    “I remember covering a Minneapolis school meeting where the superintendent was defending her hiring of someone who had cheated on testing. She blamed “the media” (who did the work she didn’t in looking at his background). The Minneapolis crowd applauded. I kept doing my job.”

    This particular story (which is not unique I’m sure) really drives home the evolution of spin from the classic “I’m sorry that I got caught” to “it’s not my fault I got caught, blame the people who caught me, I’m the real victim here.”

  • Al

    It feels like none of us are safe. That sounds melodramatic, but I don’t think it is anymore.

  • KTFoley

    Then they came for the journalists … and there was no one left to speak.

    Apologies to Martin Niemöller.

  • AL287

    When we elect a man who has turned his back on common decency, truth and compassion it is only a short fall into anarchy.

    The man who shot up the newspaper is no different than Trump using Twitter to attack news organizations and anyone else who won’t give him what he wants only the shooter used a gun instead of repeated shotgun blasts of insults, outright lies and baseless criticism.

    Trump has systematically surrounded himself with the proverbial yes-man which is what dictators do only he’s doing it under a false cloak of doing what is best for America and that is the most heinous lie of all.

    He’s doing what’s best for Donald Trump and has been all along.

    Too many Americans are the frog in the boiling pot of water and I fear their complacency will be the undoing of America.

  • Mike Worcester

    I’ll guess that many of us know people who work for a newspaper in some capacity. Yes we might grumble about what we see on their pages, be it critical coverage of a news item, something on the editorial page we vociferously disagree with, or a typo in a headline. Yet so many of those people are our neighbors, friends, fellow school-parents, or pew-mates. Violence committed against them, either in fact or threatened, is wrong. Period.

    Sure they can be a convenient target, but the alternative to that free press is Pravda. And I for one am not willing to make that trade. To me, that’s the price we pay for the ideal of an independent media.