1,000 Words: Half full or half empty?

If there are only two blogs, have you finished second or finished last?

  • >>Half full or half empty?<<

    Twice the size it needs to be?

    /Congratulations. You deserve every award you receive for putting up with us.

  • Jerry
  • BJ

    So If you are #2 who’s better?

    • wjc

      The correct answer is: NOBODY!!

    • Michael Rand. Judges got it right.

      • chlost


        • Strib. I think he still does a regular segment on The Current too.

          • Gary F

            And you made a real push at the end to have more baseball stories. And you are on The Current too. And you have a regular good feeling inside story on Fridays. I don’t get it.

            I’d show the boss that and demand a raise.

          • I’m fine.

  • chlost

    My 88 y/o mother still enjoys telling the story of the time that I won third place in a track and field event in elementary school. Apparently I was very excited about whatever trinket they handed out. She loves to point out the punchline that there were just three contestants.
    I’m not bitter at all.
    I can’t think of another blog which would match, let alone beat this one in a competition. You are the best, no matter what your (parent) organization of journalists tells you.

  • kevins

    Congrats…2nd is just fine.

  • Jack

    You are the best for all of us!

  • KariBemidji

    Congratulations Bob!

  • Rob

    A sports blog got #1? You was robbed, Bob C.!

    • Won last year too.

      • Rob

        The game is – as The Liar-In-Chief likes to say – rigged.

        • Jeff

          Has to be, the judge’s comments rang hollow for me.

          ..My usual preference would be to award a news blog over a sports blog, but Randball seems like a can’t-miss piece of journalism for Minnesota sports fans.”

          • The real story is the death of blogs. It was a pretty competitive category a few years ago. Now, most newsrooms have moved on to the latest “bright shiny object” — podcasts. The value is the same, changing the relationship between content creators and the audience.

            OTOH, the big opportunity for doing so, and giving a voice to the audience have just about disappeared now. As an industry, we’re moving back to the “we report, you read” model of journalism. Part of that is that the audience, given the opportunity to be part of that content, mostly punted. But that’s for another time. There might have been too much idealism in America’s newsrooms there for a while.

            That’s the part that’s so disappointing in recent years. We had a chance to really change things.

          • MikeB

            I would definitely listen to your podcast, fwiw

          • There is one. Every afternoon. Well kept secret.

          • MikeB

            It’s well known, even by us folk outside the listening area

          • It’s not the 420. It’s the MPR News Update podcast. The afternoon edition is me and Stephanie Curtis.

          • mnboy67

            I am an MPR News Update subscriber to the podcast…now if I can only find a way to weed out the other news updates and concentrate on just the Afternoon ones.

          • David

            This – you need to be in your own feed Bob (and Stephanie).

          • KariBemidji

            One of the many reasons that I love this blog is not only you, Bob but my fellow readers and commenters. I learn so much everyday. I don’t visit NPR’s blogs as much after they discontinued comments. I can’t even imagine the amount of energy it takes to moderate the comments. You should get award just for that.

  • merry_rose

    You’re first in our books, Bob. Keep on keepin’ on.

  • theoacme

    You have won a Community Chest card…

    …say, Mister Congeniality Blogger of 2018…

    …along with second prize in that beauty contest and PB$10 in real Monopoly money…

  • tarry_on

    As long as you aren’t finished it’s all good.

  • lindblomeagles

    Congratulations Bob! This is a wonderful honor. We don’t always agree on everything, but I am proud of the work you do coordinating this blog, and I hope the blog continues into the future. Thank you so much for sharing this honor with all of us.