To the teachers who make anything possible

It’s not popular with a lot of people, I suppose, to point out that teachers — and I will insist that in particular, third grade teachers — are angels on earth. But they are.

Teachers put pieces of themselves in their students and then send them off to the world.

Over the weekend, it was a singular delight for my wife and I, for example, to see both of our grown sons (and wives) reunited with their third grade teacher when we were all at a fundraiser for a local non-profit on Saturday evening.

Boy who made good meets teacher who did great.

“The best part of retirement,” said Mrs. Olsen (she’s always going to be Mrs. Olsen in my house), “is meeting the students I had who are all grown up.”

Reader and former colleague Jeff Conrod forwards me this story from Minneapolis author Kate DiCamillo who saw first-hand again recently what angels can accomplish.

In Chicago on Saturday at an event hosted by The Book Stall, a young man came through the line clutching paperback…

Posted by Kate DiCamillo on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

You can do a lot worse today than taking the time to read the comments attached to her post.

Good teachers and good authors make anything possible for kids.

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