Man travels the world, sees nothing

From the Department of Because it’s Friday, That’s Why:

Tony Giles has visited 125 countries on all seven continents so far. His goal is to visit every country in the world.

He doesn’t see anything at any of them. He’s blind.

The lure to try something scary just because you can is the very essence of living life.

Take Tracia Kraemer, of Louisiana, who decided she’d give a nudist park a try, she said on today’s StoryCorps episode.

“I thought I’d go to Indian Hills, get naked, get dressed and drive off,” she says.

One week after they met, their relationship was tested.

“You really like to be early for everything and I kind of never been on time for anything,” she says.

A mutual friend from the park had died, and Tracia was running late to the memorial service. In a mad dash, she pulled up to the park an hour late, deviled eggs in hand.

“I took off all my clothes, threw them in the car, grabbed the eggs,” she says. “I was running past the pool, into the clubhouse, and I put the deviled eggs on the table, turned around, and everyone in the clubhouse was wearing their clothes.”

That’s livin’!