When Mom has your back

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness:

This is the sort of post that makes you want to call your mom if you could.

At a school talent show, Makayla Ferrell, 10, had a panic attack and stopped singing “Rise Up.” It was a cringeworthy moment.

Then, from the audience, her mother, Shaye Washington rose, and started singing.

At my daughter's talent show last night, this young lady got scared and stopped singing. What her mom (Shaye Washington) did, had me in tears and i cry every time i watch it. <3To the mom and daughter in this video: thank you for showing us all something so beautiful, and inspirational. In my eyes you won the talent show <3 #riseupFor licensing, please contact licensing@viralhog.com

Posted by Rhonda Whitney on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

“I think she does everything for me. She gets everything for me,” Makayla tells CBS. “Sometimes I feel like … I don’t say … don’t act like I’m thankful, but I want to be more thankful and thank her.”

Because the internet is full of parenting experts, some of the reaction was entirely predictable. How can a kid learn to fail if Mom pitches in?

First of all, she was allowed to fail. That’s what made the moment cringeworthy.

Second, she’s 10. There’s lots of things kids need to learn. Finding out your mom has your back is the most valuable one.

Goodness knows, the news is full of horrible stories about kids whose parents don’t.