No eaglets on DNR webcam this year

There’ll be no cute eagle chicks to watch on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources eagle cam this year. Blame the father.

There’s nothing to see here but broken eagle dreams.

The female in the nest has raised 10 chicks in the last six years, the DNR says. But it went for a younger mate this year. Oh, so much metaphor!

This year, the female’s new mate appears to have been a first-time nester, learning from the female how to place sticks, share food and incubate the eggs.

Duties normally shared by both birds fell disproportionately to the female, who was unable to feed herself, incubate the eggs and deal with harsh weather on her own.

While it’s disappointing that we won’t have eaglets to follow this year, the experience of watching and learning from these eagles on camera has still been phenomenal, and we cannot thank you enough for your donations in support of this, and all other Nongame Wildlife efforts.

As long as the resident eagle pair and other birds and critters continue to visit the nest, we will leave the camera on and watch their behavior and appreciate this incredible gift of nature.

One egg survived the father’s inattention, City Pages says.

Then a 3-year-old juvenile eagle came, cracked it open, and ate it.

There’s nothing cute in Eagleville.

  • MrE85

    More proof that reality television is overrated.

  • Mike Worcester

    As we found out last year in the great “Eagle that ate a cat” episode of a nest cam (not this one if memory serves), nature can be brutal some days.

  • jon

    Here we humans are talking about spankings on the previous page, but eagles be like chomp chomp chomp….

    Human kids got it pretty good.

  • Jerry

    Nature doesn’t always tell the story we want it to tell.

  • Jeff

    I wonder if she’ll dump him for a better mate next year. Or at least take away the video games or whatever he’s up to.

  • Jared

    First year in awhile that I haven’t been following the eagle cam and hearing this makes me glad of that, definitely have gotten too invested in them when I watched. Probably for the best that the egg was eaten since I’d guess the chick would’ve had a hard time surviving at that rate.

    Hopefully they figure it out, that mother has been an amazing success story and getting better every year before now.

  • Barton

    This brings to mind an exchange in the musical 1776.

    John Adams: The eagle is a majestic bird!
    Dr. Benjamin Franklin: The eagle is a scavenger, a thief and coward. A symbol of over ten centuries of European mischief.
    John Adams: [confused] The turkey?
    Dr. Benjamin Franklin: A truly noble bird. Native American, a source of sustenance to our original settlers, and an incredibly brave fellow who wouldn’t flinch from attacking a whole regiment of Englishmen single-handedly! Therefore, the national bird of America is going to be…
    John Adams: [insistently] The eagle!
    Dr. Benjamin Franklin: The eagle….

    • Al

      I love that show so hard.

    • jon

      “Oh no no no, to many flies…”

      “Sit down John, Sit down!”

    • Jack Ungerleider

      My favorite line from that show (via wikiquote):
      Don’t forget that most men with nothing would rather protect the possibility of becoming rich than face the reality of being poor. – John Dickinson