How do you like your outdoor baseball now?

Logan Morrison, the new Minnesota Twins player, has learned an important lesson.

When it comes to baseball players complaining about the weather, don’t.

According to the experts commenting on Morrison’s Instagram post — Morrison is known for his high-capacity social networking — baseball players make too much money to complain about the weather.


Morrison is in Pittsburgh for a game today, apparently unaware that at the same time, dozens of people are at Target Field, shoveling the stands for Thursday’s home opener.

Wait until he finds out there’s no roof on Target Field.

Twins Daily, by the way, is holding a contest for opening day. The winner gets to “hang out with Logan Morrison.”

You can talk about what team he’d much rather be playing for right now.

  • Erik Petersen

    Today I’m going to order at least one bat for my 35+ wood league play. Trying to decide between a 243 turn and a 271 turn. Going to buy a Mizuno in maple, 32 inch.

    FFS, quit snowing.

  • MrE85

    I still miss the old dome sweet dome, and I make no apologies for that.

    • Jeff

      I’m having trouble imagining why other than it was good for “winter” baseball. Parking might have been a little easier.

      • Al

        It was good for hot-as-hell summer baseball, too. Always a perfect 72 in the ol’ Dome.

    • Jim in RF

      I enjoyed it, especially when I was going to the U and could get in some nights for a $1. Target Field is better, though. Didn’t cost a fortune (comparatively), seats point the right direction and there aren’t 25 seats between aisles. Nice setting. Yes, we lose some quality time in the early spring and late fall, but its worth the tradeoff.

      • MrE85

        I Super Bowl
        2 World Series
        1 season of Timberwolves games
        1 MLB All Star Game
        2 NCAA Final Four
        4 Rolling Stones Concerts
        0 Rain outs

        Not to mention all the Vikings games, U of M games, high school championships, etc, etc, etc.

        Cost: $55 million.

        I rest my case.

        • Jerry

          It’s like the best car is the one that is paid for

          • Rob

            And is not so old that it starts needing lots of repairs.

          • Jack

            We gave it a new roof – we could have gone much longer on it.

            Was in the “Noah’s Ark” for the home show and noticed that the concrete steps are already crumbling. Not to mention all the siding work that had to be redone.

            We had a good deal with the Homer Dome.

  • Rob

    Not understanding what’s so blasphemous about suggesting that a stadium in a place where winter is often 5-1/2 months long should have a roof…

    • jwest8

      Ditto what you said.

    • Jack Ungerleider

      It’s not. The local scribes/blowhards (some do double duty) complain about it every spring and fall. The problem was paying for it. (If I remember right it was 50% of the cost of the rest of the stadium, because it would have to be retractable.)

      • Postal Customer

        Too bad the owners aren’t billionaires who could afford such a thing.

  • Bill LIndeke

    He can complain once he gets a hit.

  • Nato Coles

    Two things can be true at once: Logan Morrison can come across as kind of a blowhard (somewhat moderated in recent years at least), and watching/playing a baseball game in freezing temperatures is not fun.

  • boB from WA

    As a side note, LOMO played for the Seattle Mariners in Large Insurance Company Field, which has a retractable roof, and probably got spoiled.