In pursuit of a dream, chickens and eggs came first

Here’s a followup to a NewsCut post from 2012, when Seth Holloway, of North Carolina, got our attention because he sold 1,397 eggs so that he could get a ride on a B-17 during the big show at Oshkosh that July

If a kid wants something bad enough, he’ll do just about anything. Seth really wanted to fly.

“His ultimate goal is he wants to go to the Naval Academy. He wants to be a pilot,” his dad said at the time.

“Dream big and go make it happen,” one of the old-timers advised him after his flight in the B-17.

So he did.

Last Sunday, Seth passed his private pilot checkride and earned a pilot certificate, the Experimental Aircraft Association reported on Monday.

That’ll come in handy.

He applied to five colleges (getting accepted by all three five) and three service academies (getting accepted by two).

He starts at the U.S. Naval Academy in June.

  • Nice job, Seth! Congratulations on following your dream.

  • John

    Good Job Kid!

    the copy editor in me needs to point out – he sold 1,397 eggs, not 1,39.7. (sometimes I gotta be that guy).

    • The 1,39.7 is an artifact of the html in a a-href. It’s typed in correctly (see page source).

      • John

        I wondered if it was a coding thing. I didn’t look at the code, but I did click through to your old 5 x 8 post to check the math :).

  • Guest

    THAT folks is what is meant by grit.