1,000 Words: The marathoners

It was sleeting this morning when the elite female runners headed out from Hopkinton enroute to Boston for this year’s Boston Marathon, proving again that marathoners aren’t like normal people.

  • Barton

    I looked closely to the photo to see if I could see my friend Leann, who is an elite ultra-marathoner, doing her 23rd Boston today!

    • Barton

      And it is the ultra-marathoning that makes her that “special breed,” not the regular marathon…

      • jon

        So is this a marathon, or is this an ultra marathon?

        Marathoners aren’t like regular people, but ultra marathoners need their scientific categorization… they might be able to interbreed with the rest of us, but I’m pretty sure “homosapien” isn’t an adequate description… those folks have something seriously different in their brain (oxygen deprivation, if I had to guess, from all the running.)

        Former co-worker of mine has done several 100 mile races… and it’s pretty much my definition of insanity.

        • John

          This is The Boston Marathon.

        • Barton

          She is doing The Boston Marathon again today (probably done now). But she has a 240 mile ultra-marathon coming up in a few months. She’s crazy addicted to it.

  • crystals

    Happy Patriots’ Day!

  • Angry Jonny

    My wife ran her 3rd Boston yesterday. Finished with a 3:36, about 10 minutes over her PR, but she was happy just to finish without spending time in the med tent. She’s a hot chafed mess this morning!