Who killed Lou?

We are generally not given to pitchforks and posses, but we’ll gladly make an exception to hunt down “Kevin” like a dog and bring him to justice.

Kevin is the nom de plume of the man who said he kidnapped Jason and Shannon Davis’ dog, Lou, in December in Delano, City Pages reports.

Kevin called the family more than a dozen times, first promising to return the dog, then becoming increasingly more paranoid that the family would turn him in. In the last phone call, he said he would run Lou over with his car.

He didn’t. He shot Lou instead.

We have some very sad news on Lou. Based on a tip from someone following our story, I was led to an island this morning…

Posted by Jason Davis on Thursday, March 1, 2018

The civilized world will put up with a lot of incidents of savagery. But killing a dog isn’t one of them.

(h/t: Amy Rea)

  • MrE85

    Save room in the posse for me, Bob. I’ve got my own pitchfork.

    • Nato Coles

      Me too.

  • Terrible.

    Then there’s THIS:



    The perp lived about 2 blocks from my home and is STILL in the midst of legal action.

    Pretty messed up world we live in.

    • Kassie

      Poor Ducky MoMo. That whole thing is a big mess.

    • TBH

      I totally forgot about that situation – thanks for posting the info again! Just followed up on the stories a little bit, looks like she owes Minneapolis a boat load of money. I made a comment on that Pioneer Press story that I still can’t seem to figure out:

      “Maybe a psychologist can explain this one to me…….stories like this
      always seem to stay with me and bother me a bit more than your
      “conventional murder,” even though I do place a higher value on the life
      of a human than that of a dog. I wonder why that is? Maybe because
      there is a certain innocence that a dog has? Either way, this woman is

      • Gordon near Two Harbors

        Like a human, a dog’s life is the only one it gets, and like any animal/human it values it’s own life. In all fairness, the killer should lose his.

  • AL287

    You don’t do something like that in a small town like Delano and not get caught.

    If they never caught the low life vandal who spray painted racial slurs and burglarized a black family’s home almost a year ago, my guess is they are one and the same.

    If the man is a convicted felon and on parole, he might be struggling and wants to go back to prison. The kidnapping is a cry for help. Killing the dog is just plain mean and hateful.

    I hope they catch his sorry ass.

  • Show me someone who is cruel to animals and I’ll show you someone who is at risk of committing ever more unspeakable crimes as time goes on. Catching this guy is job one.

  • Angry Jonny

    There is a direct correlation between cruelty to animals and a sociopathic personality.