Rochester provided no safety for man who fled Iraq

If you survive civil war in Iraq, we like to think that Rochester, Minn., won’t be a dangerous place. So, Ahmed Muafaq Abdulhu Al Naddf’s killing last week is particularly distressing.

He, his wife, and two children — now 7 and 4 — moved to Rochester in 2014.

He went to clean up his garage last week, his wife tells the Rochester Post Bulletin. It cost him his life.

“I called out to him, ‘Answer me. I’m calling you.’ I just wanted to touch him,” Hanadi Al Shaikhli says about the moment she had to identify his body. “He’s in another world. They (the police officers) didn’t let me touch him.”

“They didn’t kill one person. They killed four people. They killed me and his children,” she tells the PB.

A neighborhood man has been accused of the killing because he thought Al Naddf hit his car. Police said there wasn’t any damage to either of the vehicles.

“There’s nothing here to indicate that the victim did anything wrong, other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time,” a police captain said.

He’s the second Iraqi immigrant killed in Rochester this year.

  • BJ

    Why isn’t the murderer being named? Seems weird, not a single description of him that I can find.

    • We don’t usually name suspects until they are charged and I needed to confirm that he made his court appearance.

      • BJ

        Yeah, it was last Monday. But also not any ‘xx year old skin color male who is employment thing’ either. That’s the part of the missing piece I see more than actual name.

        • // But also not any ‘xx year old skin color male who is employment thing’ either.


          So you want to make a race/ethnicity incident based on…what, exactly?

          I provided links so you’re free to follow them. But I’m not creating anything out of innuendo here.

          • BJ

            I followed just one of the links, not the other. The initial report just said a person from the neighborhood. Nothing else. It seemed very weird. The other describes him (and has photo).

  • Jack

    What’s going on in Rochester these days? Seems like more killing than usual (or maybe it is just more publicity in the Twin Cities?).

    • NG

      Rochester is a weird place. Rural, but not. This might offend people, but it’s how I see it: It’s the first stepping stone for small town people to move to larger cities so you get people who are not used to diversity. Then, you get Mayo Clinic which pulls in people from all over the world. It’s generally more conservative and set in its ways. You get small groups of people that reinforce each other’s beliefs when groups of high school kids move to the city together. Just… lots of little cultural and social things that can erupt in weird ways. I might go so far as saying that it seems like there is a fair amount of stratification in social structure too… but it is stretching my understanding.

  • Titus Kennedy

    There seems to be an underlying overwhelming hatred looming around. I am just so sad to see the idiocy of people. The murderer deserves no attention. Let’s forget him.

    • Brian Simon

      I’m willing to forget him, one he’s locked up & they key has been thrown away. Same goes for those guys from Illinois [allegedly] responsible for the bloomington bombing.

  • The frightening takeaway from this is that a relatively minor confrontation can turn deadly, given that there are so many people packing heat, both legally and not. It’s not really clear what went on here before the murder of Mr. Al Naddf, but he, like most of us normal folks, probably had no inkling of mortal danger in what probably seemed like an odd accusation by a guy behaving in a strange manner. How sad for his family and for Rochester.