Our love affair with snow, even in March

No matter how much we may love winter, this is the time of the year where even a moderate dumping of snow can send us over the edge.

It’s been a long time since a storm as — let’s face it — mediocre as Monday’s emptied the streets and sent people into panic mode. The usual inconvenience of a storm collided with the psychological impact of being sick of it. It happens; it’s March.

So we appreciate Dick Schwartz of Minneapolis who provides us with a miracle tonic to get us through the next few weeks via his op-ed in today’s Star Tribune in which he acknowledges that although he doesn’t always like winter, he’ll always love it anyway.

He left the state to sample different locales, returning to Minnesota in time for the Halloween blizzard of 1991.

I still watch with bemusement the recycled segments on TV news about how to avoid frostbite, shoveling safely or how to dress the kids “for the bus stop.”

I admit to feeling a kind of misplaced sense of victory when “we” break the record for snowfall or low temperature. I admit to just a bit of schadenfreude when a TV reporter snares a car owner for a sound-bite interview at the impound lot after a snow emergency. And I admit, I still tune in to WCCO on wintry mornings with a weird hope that my alma mater will be among the list of school closings. I’m thrilled when it’s announced and bummed when it isn’t.

It’s an odd an uneasy arrangement we have with winter. But I glanced at the web traffic statistics on Tuesday morning. Of the top 10 “stories”, eight were about a relatively average snowfall.

What’s that tell me? You don’t hate winter. You can’t get enough of it.

  • Rob

    Booshwa, Bob C. In addition to my “I owe my soul to the corporate overlords” tatt, I sport one that reads: “Winter in Minnesota sucks.” After half a dozen decades of living through The Frozen Hellscape, I have yet to ascertain any redeeming value to the weather period between November and April.

    • No mosquitoes.

      Snow fills potholes.

      • Rob

        Heh. Have you driven on any St. Paul roads lately? Lots of axle-busters have appeared. And of course, they can’t be fixed until winter is over.

        • Jack

          There’s cold patches for that.

          • Rob

            Cold patches work fine -when they’re actually applied

          • Jack

            BTW – we have some doozies in Minneapolis too.

      • Veronica

        Yes! I was thrilled this morning when some of the worst potholes on my commute were filled and half-filled with snow.

      • BJ

        Snow(and freezing/thawing that happens with it), the solution to and cause of potholes!

    • >>I have yet to ascertain any redeeming value to the weather period between November and April.<<

      Hockey season man, hockey season.

      • Bob Sinclair

        Can we get an AMEN and a HALLELUJAH! Preach it Brother Onan!

        • Rob

          There’s a marvelous modern-day invention called indoor ice rinks – open all year ’round.

          • I’m well aware of those inventions as I spend at least a few hours each week in them.

            i wish to draw your attention to the original quote: “weather period between November and April.” – It doesn’t specify WHICH weather or where said weather is located, just a time period.


          • Rob

            When you revisit my comments, I have every confidence in your ability to suss out the type of weather I’m referring to and the general geographic location of said weather. 🙂

      • lusophone

        Doesn’t Phoenix have a hockey team?

        • Yes, but then you’d have to live in Phoenix.

          • lusophone


        • QuietBlue


  • Joseph

    Just so you know, the storm wasn’t “wimpy” up in St. Cloud — an inch of ice on the roads and sidewalk, followed by 9 inches of wet heavy snow and sleet!

    • I didn’t say wimpy, I said mediocre. It wasn’ t particularly special one way or another; it was a pretty typical snowstorm . A pain in the neck, for sure. But not particularly unusual.

  • Bridget L.

    I love the snow! I love how quiet everywhere gets when it’s snowing. Even the white knuckling driving experiences lately (because I no longer have bald tires), but I hate the cold. And there’s no snow without cold so….

  • >>I admit to feeling a kind of misplaced sense of victory when “we” break the record for snowfall<<

    MN snowfall can't hold a candle to those cities on the S/SE edge of Lake Erie / Lake Ontario.

    • Bob Sinclair

      Don’t forget western MI and Northwest IN.

  • Jim E

    I’ll be a contrarian and admit that I love a good March snowstorm. There’s usually an abundance of heavy wet snow which makes it great for snowballs, snow forts, and ephemeral lawn art.

    Given the high angle of the sun, all the ice I didn’t scrape off my driveway will be gone in about 24 hours. It also signals that the MN State Hockey tournaments, spring break, and Easter are all right around the corner.

    • AmiSchwab

      my favorite st. patricks day blizzard 1965
      they was real blizzards back then

  • I have a general policy not to shovel snow in March because the intensity of the sun is so high right now. That came in handy this week as I made the very poor decision on Sunday to take that flukey carburetor off the snowblower for a look.

    • Jerry

      Those of us living in the city where others have to use our sidewalks don’t really have that option. At least if we don’t want to be jerks.

      • Rob


  • chlost

    Personally, after 60+ years of winters with snow and cold, I am looking forward to trying a winter with sunshine, green grass, flowers and warmth. Just to see if I like it. Somehow, I don’t think it will be much of a contest.

    • Rob

      I look forward to doing so as well. It’s great to go to the desert Southwest between November and March, and be able to spend all day outside in a T-shirt and shorts.