Flowetry in motion: Here’s the 2018 hockey hair team

John King’s epic series on Minnesota boy’s hockey hair continues. It was a good year for hair, he reports.

The hockey was OK, too.

The twist this year: Assessing how great the kids’ lives have become because they made the hockey hair all-star team.

The hockey hair video is like the annual broadcast of The Sound of Music for me. Every year I vow not to watch. Every year I do, and come away impressed even more with the the production.

What would make the 2019 hockey hair video perfect? An appearance by Angela Cartwright.

(h/t: Peter Cox)

  • Rob


    Here’s an Angela Cartwright photo, from one of the most excellent 60s TV shows of all time

  • X.A. Smith

    I can’t understand the whole “vowing not to watch” thing. I always think of this video as a reward for living through another winter.

  • Gary F

    I had the discussion with my son of when will this “jump the shark”. Has it?

    I like watching the state tournaments, but I am not a die hard hockey fan. I’d like to see a team come out with flat tops.

    • Barton

      I think it almost has, only b/c of the unbelievable length of the video this year. I was interested to know that $$ is raised for adaptive hockey as a result of the video, that was cool. The rest? fast forwarded through.

    • >>I’d like to see a team come out with flat tops.<<

      St. Thomas Academy usually has military-style haircuts.

  • Barton

    I just skipped to the hair – I totally need an edited version of this. And a woman took 1st place this year? nice!

  • >>The hockey hair video is like the annual broadcast of The Sound of Music for me.<<

    The Riverview theater has an annual "sing-along" Sound of Music usually during the Thanksgiving weekend. It's actually great fun.

    I'll even buy you a ticket to the show, Bob.

  • Greg W

    Best line for this year’s video, “Like one of those birds cleaning the alligator’s teeth”.

    I loved that kid’s slow skate up to the line.

    Edited to add: Holy Moses, the facial hair on some of those kids. Wow.

  • KTFoley

    Versions from earlier years appeared to use the candid footage from introducing the team lineup, with no particular embellishment.

    This year’s players came ready to look directly into one camera with focus on team hair more than game face.

    Apparently there was an ESPN feature last year on the video and the individual behind the production. Should I be surprised that he works for an ad agency?