The big money heads for St. Paul

Normally, that’s a runway at St. Paul’s Downtown Airport. Now, it’s a parking ramp for big money.

Two of the airports three runways have been closed so that there will be a place to put the corporate jets making their way to the Twin Cities.

And there are plenty of them. See all of the blue planes in this air traffic snapshot at 1:45 this afternoon? Those are all corporate jets heading to the downtown St. Paul airport.

The FAA has created routes for each of the Twin Cities airports to keep all the corporate jets away from each other. Jets from the south and west heading to St. Paul have to head for the airspace over Aberdeen, S.D., and then are directed along a flyway to the Princeton area and into St. Paul. Jets from the east fly to Eau Claire and then into St. Paul. Departing jets have to go over Osceola.

Jets flying into Flying Cloud are being directed to airspace over Ottumwa, Iowa first.

From what the map suggests, the bosses aren’t working a full day today.

  • Robert Moffitt

    Just chatted with a retired private pilot who used to fly the Pohlads to the Super Bowl. He’s happy to be a spectator this year.

    • Yeah, I play hockey with several pilots of Corporate Jets and they seem to be a bit more busy as of late…

      /As an aside, one of the pilots I play with was the pilot who was flying Prince back when they had to make that emergency landing in Illinois. He doesn’t like to talk about that…

      • he did a nice job getting that thing down from 40k feet in a short period of time. That’s not easy.

    • Veronica

      Oh, fun fact! I know their current pilot.

  • Erick

    “From what the map suggests, the bosses aren’t working a full day today.”

    But you can bet they are still paid 360 times as much as those who are working. . . .

  • Kassie

    If my place of employment is any indication, lots of people aren’t working today. It is a ghost town around here. Though, more and more Fridays are for telecommuting.

    • I don’t think I’ve seen a full office on Friday since I moved here.

    • Jack

      Working downtown, I got the best parking spot ever despite coming in later than yesterday.

  • Rob

    The January 23 NYT had a profile of a guy who is in private jet sales; he’s apparently doing a superb job of tending to the flight needs of the .0001 percent.

  • Doug

    Why do I feel as if MN has become this year’s brothel? I’ll be happy once this thing is done with.

    • Ben Chorn

      “A prostitution sting operation has netted at least two dozen people in Hennepin County. Law enforcement officials say the multi-jurisdictional task force was formed to crack down on Super Bowl sex trafficking.”

      Maybe there is more of an uptick in prostitution, maybe the added law enforcement is inflating the numbers, maybe there is an issue and it is a problem associated with the Super Bowl.

      • Doug

        I meant selling our soul as much as actual prostitution.

    • Jack

      The downtown workforce will be cheering when it is over and cleaned up. Anyone thinking that everything will be back to normal within a couple days are only fooling themselves….