Super Bowl takeaway: Minnesota is a mall

OK, one last video from Deadspin’s visit to Minnesota for the Super Bowl. It contains the ultimate slam against our great state, referring to the Mall of America as “Minnesota’s chief cultural institution.”

That one left a mark, sir.

  • Oooh, he’s SO edgy.

    /FWIW cheesesteak-wise: Pat’s > Geno’s

    //Also – most people I know hate that damn Mall.

    • QuietBlue

      I think every state and city is like that with their main tourist attractions. Locals in Vegas probably don’t spend much time on the Strip, nor do people who live in San Francisco hang out at Fisherman’s Wharf, etc.

      I live near the MOA, so I will go there at off times for shopping, but I avoid it at peak times.

    • Jeff

      To digress, does a proper cheesesteak have Cheese Whiz on it? Or is that heresy? To me it’s all about the roll.

      • Whiz wit – All the way.

        • Jeff

          This site told me everything I wanted to know. With it I was able to interpret your comment.

          Generally, the cheese of choice is Cheez Whiz, but American and provolone are common substitutions. The art of cheesesteak preparation lies in the balance of flavors, textures and what is often referred to as the “drip” factor.

          How to Order a Philly Cheesesteak
          When ordering a cheesesteak, the idea is to let the cashier know a.) that you would like a cheesesteak, b.) what type of cheese you want, and c.) whether or not you want fried onions. And you have to be as concise as possible while doing so.

          Locals have become so adept at this practice that they basically have it down to three words: saying “one whiz with” to the person behind the counter means that you would like one cheesesteak [denoted by the “one”] with Cheez Whiz as your choice of cheese [denoted by the “whiz”] and with fried onions [denoted by the “with”].

      • Barton

        I used to live outside Philly. The only Whiz/liquid cheese we got on the sandwiches was from food carts (where I much preferred a pretzel with mustard). The restaurants all served it with actual slices of cheese (that had melted).

        • Gary F

          I haven’t been to Philly since 2000. I went to a place on South street. It had big white and black tiles on the wall, maybe white and green. All I can really remember is that there were framed celebrity pictures on the wall and I remember Penny Marshall’s mug on one. Which place was this and is it still in business?

    • crystals

      I have really conflicted feelings about the Mall. On the one hand, I haaaaate how they handled Black Lives Matter protests so much that I stayed away for over a year (until the court cases were dismissed/dropped/etc.).

      On the other hand, I find it to be the one place that truly and consistently feels like a representation of Minnesota’s diversity. I actually enjoy walking around and seeing SO MANY different people all in the same (albeit massive) building.

      • QuietBlue

        You make an excellent point. It does feel like it is the one place in Minnesota where people of all backgrounds go, even more so than the Fair.

  • Gary F

    It was nice to see you made the trip out here. Its good to get out of your mom’s basement once in a while.

  • Zachary

    I’m reminded of the scene from “Futurama” where they visit the sunken city of “Atlanta” and there is the line about “we’re not just an airport” then the tour guide is showing them around, “…and the coca-cola bottling plant, Turner Field, and… the airport…”

    Someone with better ewe-toob skills than me could link it, I’m sure…

  • Robert Moffitt

    Well, isn’t it?

    • QuietBlue

      I mean, it’s that or the State Fair…

      • Rob

        I’ll take cheese curds over a Philly cheesesteak any day

    • Jeff

      Still thinking…..
      hummm….. For some reason people like Mickey’s Diner.

      • Zachary

        is that still around? I thought they moved a while back…

        <— hasn't been downtown STP in ages

        • Jeff

          The dining car one is about a block from the MPR palace. It’s surrounded by buildings and looks like it just got stuck there. I don’t know if it was moved from somewhere else or they were holdouts.

          • Zachary

            I remember driving past it on the way home from the Old Science Museum, and there was construction around it, and recall something about them having to move. I haven’t come that way in a very long time.
            Been to the Children’s Museum recently now that I think about it, as we drive past MPR to get out of the ramp.
            Maybe I just missed it.

          • The other Mickey’s is towards Minneapolis on West 7th. Larger, and basically the same food.

          • Zachary

            ….and in a cooler neighbourhood of Woodbury…?

          • West 7th is no where near Woodbury. It’s in a “blue collar” area just west of I-35E.

        • Jeff

          A little more research. They have their own Wikipedia page It’s been in the same location since 1939.

  • Rob

    Umbrage taken. Anyone who’s paying attention knows that Minnesota’s chief cultural institution is its endless, bone-chilling winters. : )

  • MarkUp

    MOA became significantly less Minnesotan when they lost Camp Snoopy.

  • jon

    Co-worker form the LA office suggested minneapolis is like a indoor big mall, because we walked through the skyways, and it was pretty much all she saw of the city while she was here (she didn’t even see the big mall except as we drove past on the way to the airport.)

  • Dan

    Ha! I enjoyed that. Guy was funny and seemed pretty affable. I love that he admitted to liking the chain place’s cheesesteak..