Norway flag causes Confederate kerfuffle

This is not a Confederate flag.

This will likely not come as much of a surprise to the faithful Norwegians in our midst.

Puget Sound is another story.

A homeowner flew the Norwegian flag during the Olympics, the Seattle Times reports. And a neighbor complained he was flying the Confederate flag.

The complaint came from Rebecca Morris, who is an author of The New York Times best-seller true-crime books.

Skjerp deg!

She didn’t want to knock on the neighbor’s door and say, “what’s the deal with your Confederate flag?”

If she had, she’d have met Darold Norman Stangeland, whose parents emigrated from Norway in the ’50s.

Cute little story.

There were so many hateful comments on the Seattle Times website to it that the site shut down its comments section.

(h/t: Mike Worcester)

  • >>There were so many hateful comments on the Seattle Times website to it that the site shut down its comments section.<<

    • Guest

      spot on

  • Rob

    Geez. I wouldn’t think a person would need to be a vexillologist to know that isn’t a Confederate flag…

  • Jim in RF

    I’ve complained about my wife’s Norwegian flag.

  • QuietBlue

    As a true crime author, I would think Morris would be familiar with conducting research and verifying facts, but perhaps not.

    • MikeB

      Perhaps laying out the story line for the next true crime story, how a neighbor is strangled by a Norwegian, member of a tribe notorious for instant rage.

  • KariBemidji

    Our son doesn’t wear his Norwegian sweatshirt to school exactly because of this (there are kids that actual Confederate shirts to school).

    • He should just wear it…

    • Al

      You could always get him a Swedish sweatshirt. *ducks*

  • Gary F

    And she hasn’t been to Ballard, north of Seattle much. Its full of people of Nordic and Scandinavian heritage. Ballard’s Bitter beer, “sure, you betcha”.

  • BReynolds33

    Just so I’m following along… An American is upset about something they don’t understand in the slightest? (I say this, of course, in jest.)

    • MikeB

      Exercising our constitutional rights to immediately comment on something when we have no idea what we’re talking about, as obligated by the 63rd Amendment.

    • Barton

      And they don’t have the communications skills/confidence to talk to the person responsible for the “something.”

  • Susan WB


  • LieutenantLefse

    Exact same thing happened to my parents last summer. They came back from visiting the old country and decided to fly a Norwegian flag (under the US flag of course). Neighbors thought it was a confederate flag. And this is in a heavily Scandinavian area.

  • Guest

    My sadness is how little neighbors are willing to talk to neighbors. I guess the fear of anger / violence makes it easier to complain to the city.

  • Guest

    Now I want to fly the Virginia Battle flag and claim “It is NOT the flag of the Confederate States of America”……I thought it was the Norwegian flag …..wink wink.

  • John F.
  • shleigh

    I had a similar knee-jerk reaction when driving by a flag pole along St Anthony Parkway in NE Mpls. But upon second look, I realized it was a Norwegian flag (might not have known Norway specifically, but Scandinavian for sure). I now feel superior to the NYT best selling author… Yay!

  • LieutenantLefse

    I’m not usually one to promote vandalism but now I *really* want to find a truck with a confederate bumper sticker and slap a Norwegian one over it. See how long before they notice.

  • Postal Customer

    If my neighbor was flying the stars & bars, I wouldn’t knock on the door either. Can’t blame her for that. The other thing, though, yeah.

    The Nordic Cross flags are some of the coolest flags in the world.