Flat-earth devotee stuck on terra firma

When last we heard about “Mad” Mike Hughes, he was about to launch in his homemade steam-powered rocket to prove that the earth is flat. It didn’t happen. Neither did the next scheduled launch. And neither did the one scheduled for Saturday.

His plan has been to launch himself 1,800 feet and take pictures before bailing out. The pictures will prove that the earth is flat.

For $50, Hughes could go to the local airport and get an introductory flight lesson, soar to heights higher than 1800 feet and get better pictures, but the higher you go, the more the curvature of the horizon becomes apparent and what good will that do to a guy who is going to believe the earth is flat no matter what?

If excuses could power rockets, Mike would be in orbit.

Here’s an 11-minute live broadcast of nothing happening. It’s not suitable for the workplace or most people with a modicum of intelligence.

Meanwhile, on the International Space Station…