Flat-earth devotee stuck on terra firma

When last we heard about “Mad” Mike Hughes, he was about to launch in his homemade steam-powered rocket to prove that the earth is flat. It didn’t happen. Neither did the next scheduled launch. And neither did the one scheduled for Saturday.

His plan has been to launch himself 1,800 feet and take pictures before bailing out. The pictures will prove that the earth is flat.

For $50, Hughes could go to the local airport and get an introductory flight lesson, soar to heights higher than 1800 feet and get better pictures, but the higher you go, the more the curvature of the horizon becomes apparent and what good will that do to a guy who is going to believe the earth is flat no matter what?

If excuses could power rockets, Mike would be in orbit.

Here’s an 11-minute live broadcast of nothing happening. It’s not suitable for the workplace or most people with a modicum of intelligence.

Meanwhile, on the International Space Station…

  • >>For $50, Hughes could go to the local airport and get an introductory flight lesson, soar to heights higher than 1800 feet and get better pictures<<

    Or travel north to Eagle Mountain and attain a height of 2300 feet…

  • Veronica

    Oh, but Bob, your bias is showing. /sarcasm

    • RBHolb

      “Opinions Differ on Shape of Earth.”

      • theoacme

        Here’s a weird fact: If one could shrink the earth to the dimensions of a billiard ball, every height and depth perfectly to scale, it would be smoother than a real manufactured billiard ball…

  • Rob

    But the Earth really is flat, so the video from the ISS must be fake news…

    • theoacme

      Then all those uberpatriotic real ‘Muricans have a problem…one of the biggest patriotic achievements of the 20th century was also faked…

      …yes, I can see Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins now:

      NA: …one small step for man, one giant leap for moronkind…
      MC: …ultramaroons…!

    • Jack Ungerleider

      What most spherists don’t understand is the earth is flat. The atmosphere is a dome over the earth. Any apparent curvature from too high up is a optical illusion created by the hemispherical nature of the atmosphere.

      For the curious: https://www.amazon.com/Bogus-Science-People-Believe-Figures/dp/B00BQAJBPI
      This is the third in a series by author John Grant.

  • Zachary

    You had me at “Steam-Powered Rocket”

  • jon

    Seems like it’d be easiest to just find the edge… I mean that’d be undeniable proof… post the coordinates from the GPS when you get there, and say “look it’s the edge!” Others could go there and verify it’s the edge…

    I mean you can see the (gentle) curve of the earth looking out over the ocean… so why a rocket is going to solve this problem… Heck student groups have launched balloons that have pushed up to the edge of space, with very noticeable curve of the earth visible… (heck I might pretend to be a flat earther and put up a go fund me so I can launch a balloon, why not, seems like fun.)

    But if facts and reality mattered here, then I guess we wouldn’t be having this conversation.
    Last I heard there was a mountain near by his launch site that was higher up than he was going to launch.

    • Ben Chorn

      GPS? That sounds like some phony government program, full of lies. How is a GPS supposed to work anyway? Satellites can’t rotate around a plane!

      • Bob Sinclair

        GPS – Government Provided Scheme

      • Jack Ungerleider

        //Satellites can’t rotate around a plane!

        I beg to differ. think of a carousel. You can easily construct one with a fixed (flat) center section and then have the horses (animals, sleds, etc.) rotating around it quiet nicely.

      • Joe Feminnesota

        Ground positioning system. GPS is on your water tower, on the large antenna you see all over the country side, on top of buildings.

  • RBHolb

    Why do I have the feeling his rocket is an Acme product?

    • theoacme

      At least products from the Acme Catalogue actually work, when used as designed

      …the Acme Little Giant Do-It-Yourself Rocket Sled Kit*, that SHOULD have worked!

      * – from Beep Prepared (1961) (nominated for an Academy Award)

  • Joe Feminnesota

    This guy is FE, but he’s not trying to prove it with this rocket. Look at his website.
    If your interested in understanding the real Flat Earth movement. Try some of these.



    This is a good one.

    And I can send you to some real technical sites if you really want to see what’s going on around us. Joetreetop200@mail.com