Farewell, winter. Please?

This just in from the “Department of Because It’s Friday”:

This is about the time of year when our self-delusion that we really enjoy it runs out of gas.

  • Jerry

    February is the hardest month

  • JohnOCFII

    Nailed it. I’m done with the cold.

  • Rob

    Admitting that winter is not really an enjoyment thing is the first step to recovery.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty much done with winter…and I play ice hockey!

      / I play all year…because…INDOOR ICE RINKS.
      //I love playing then hanging out in the parking lot drinking a beer rehashing the “goal the rang off the pipe.”

  • Jeffrey

    I have been waiting for spring since the first polar slap at Christmas. Were the 60 degree temps last Feb such a horrible thing? A mild winter is a thing of beauty. Best winter of all time. 2011-2012.

  • theoacme

    Friday cuteness in there (that otter! <3 ) …

    …and ugliness (TWO ice sumos???)

    Having said that, I would rather be like Anna here (and I mostly HATE Disney movies, except for Lilo & Stitch), than at 95 degrees with 70% humidity (yeah, inconsistency is the handmaiden of artistry, but David Ogden Stiers does that to me!)…