Curling team accidentally gives Delta a PR headache

[This post has been updated]

The gold-medal-winning U.S. curling team got a little lesson in the dangers of Twitter before heading back to Minnesota and a heroes’ welcome in Duluth.

It was all good for the fellas, tweeting to Delta to see if a gold medal could get a guy an upgrade.

No luck. The planes out of South Korea are full, Delta replied.

That set off the outrage machine as people took aim at Delta.

News sites picked up on the exchanges, which only made things worse.

So, the team stepped in to try to take things back to DEFCON 5.

When they got to the airport, they got some special treatment.

As they made their way back to the Northland this morning, they got a reminder about that whole “flyover country” thing.

[Update 10:10 a.m.] John Shuster, of Chisholm, says a person in first class gave up a seat for him.