Baseball team sells AR-15 in raffle

It’s a teaching moment for third graders in Neosho, Missouri, but nobody’s interesting in teaching and they’re not all that thrilled about learning, apparently because they’re going ahead with raffling off an AR-15 rifle to support their baseball team, the Kansas City Star reports.

AR-15? School? Kids? Get it?

Levi Patterson, the coach of a 9-and-under baseball team, is going ahead with the gun raffle. He owns a gun store in town and says he came up with the idea before the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“I applaud them for standing up for what they believe in,” Patterson said of people who thought the idea was tone deaf and criticized it on Facebook. “I just think they have feelings to this specific type of gun (that are) different than people around here do,” he told the paper.

After the criticism, there was a surge in raffle ticket sales from around the country.

Evil will always exist, Patterson said of the shooting.

No kidding.

Op-ed: Don’t Let My Classmates’ Deaths Be in Vain (NY Times)

  • Look up the definition of “tone-deaf” and you’ll find this raffle.


    • Jerry

      Without an AR-15, how are you supposed to cosplay as a real soldier?

      • There are de-milled rifles available for that purpose. They are generally a LOT cheaper as well with no need for a BG check.

        /And yes, I recognize the humor in your post

  • Pej

    See also… Being the in the tech industry, I guess I’m used to Amazon Echos and Bose headphones and cell phone chargers being the raffle prizes of choice…

    Tyler Tannahill –

    Aaron Penman –

    Austin Petersen (earlier in 2017) –

  • Bob Sinclair

    My guess is that the 3rd graders know nothing of this raffle, which would be supported by their parents. BTW if you look up Neosho its near the heart of the Ozarks. Given the location, its not surprising this would be happening there.

  • Mike Worcester

    ///“I just think they have feelings to this specific type of gun (that are) different than people around here do,” he told the paper.

    I made the mistake of reading an FB thread about the AR-15 (which for full disclosure I don’t own, never have, nor has anyone in my family). The debate — if you want to call it that — centered on the AR’s use as an effective hunting rifle. I don’t hunt any more but cannot imagine needing a 15 shell clip for deer hunting. I like to think I was a better shot than that.

    • Jerry

      Sometimes you have to pin them down with a base of fire while you send around another detachment to hit them in the flank.

    • MrE85

      I have had some experience shooting something similar to the AR-15. I’m not particularly good at it, but they gave me a metal anyway.

  • Rob

    Another excellent American Exceptionalism moment.

  • AmiSchwab

    evil exists in the form of a baseball coach/ gun shop owner.
    as tone deaf as it gets.