An idea for a winter sport: Skycling

Oh, like skating and bicycling at the same time is any crazier than some of the “sports” in the Winter Olympics.


Sometimes it’s hard to decide what sport to do, or who gets to go for a bike ride. Today was not one of those days… #exploremn Visit Duluth

Posted by Day Tripper of Duluth on Monday, February 12, 2018

  • Bob Sinclair

    Hope there are spikes on those tires…

  • MarkUp

    This would be really fun to watch as a relay, with the bike as the baton.

  • Jack Ungerleider

    I see two possible routes to the Olympics:
    1. Get the Winter X Games to adopt it. After a few years people put down the Olympics as not being hip and then they’ll add it.
    2. Convince some country to claim that this is related to a training technique that they used to use for their military back in the day when soldiers where on skates. (maybe the Canadians?)

    • jon

      Adapt it to fit in with existing sports…

      ice-cycle biathlon… Bike and shoot.
      And ice-cycle biathlon doubles (one person pedals the other is pulled on skis/skates behind them and shoots, personally I say that one does away with the stopping before shooting…)

      Or maybe some sort of super long range curling…

  • L. Foonimin

    a low 3.447 from the East German Judge