Out-of-towners search for the real Minnesota

Let’s check in to see how the out-of-towners are telling the world about us.

PJ Fleck, who moved here a year ago, tells Dan Patrick that jumping into the freezing water in winter is known here as a “Minnesota bath.” Minnesota bath? Anybody?

Al’s Breakfast, told accurately. The St. Olaf sweatshirt? Nice touch.

The obligatory ice-fishing story comes from NBC sports, whose participants revealed their out-of-towner status by paying attention to the “thin ice” sign on Lake Minnetonka. Rookies.

Other media outlets also went ice fishing. Deadspin’s Drew Magary, who grew up on Lake Minnetonka and should know better, fled to Lake Minnetonka to drink beer and observe that fish are stupid.

“I always figured that people didn’t really like ice fishing, they just hated their families,” a commenter observed.

Must be from here.