1,000 Words: The pain of the Olympic photographer

Photographer Sean Haffey was in a perfect position to get a shot of Lara Gut, the Swiss skier who fell during her run at the women’s giant slalom at the Olympics.

Haffey didn’t even have to get closer for an even better shot, because Gut, gravity, and momentum were taking care of that.

Haffey kept firing his camera right up until Gut wiped him out.

They’re both OK.

  • >>They’re both OK<<

    That was lucky…

  • Gary F

    And the damn French judge only gave it an 8.

    • Mike Worcester

      Is France the new East Germany of the Olympics? 🙂

      • Gary F

        I kinda forgot about old East Germany. The Olympics were better when you could hate the commies.

        I just remember in the past the the announcers were never happy with one of the judges. There always is one judge who is going to difficult.

        • I always use the Bulgarian judge. I mean, who doesn’t hate Bulgaria?


          • Gary F

            Yep, them too

  • Jeff

    This is where I say it was all downhill giant slalom from there.