Vikings’ fan reaction: There is no joy like unbridled joy

The takeaway here is that there are an awful lot of football fans who take video of each other watching television.

Also: There are a lot of questionable interior design decisions.

  • Ben Chorn

    I’ll be honest- I didn’t think they would win. I knew after the Vikings made the field goal there was too much time left on the clock.

    I’m in the process of moving- besides the boxes of random stuff I had left to load I left my TV, cable box, and an office chair. I watched the whole game from an office chair in a fairly empty apartment.

    On that last play I couldn’t help but jump and scream! It was the best feeling I’ve felt as a Vikings fan.

  • Rob

    Still hard to believe the Vikings pulled that off. Feels like we’re living in a disorienting, but pleasant, alternate reality. 52 may indeed end up being a magic number!

    • If Keenum keeps throwing up those “up for grabs passes”, the teams left in the playoffs will make him pay.

      That lofted dying quail the play before the go-ahead field goal could have been the most Viking moment of all time. As it turned out, this was. But still… that was a REALLY dumb decisions.

      • When he tossed that wounded duck for the INT the first thing I thought was, “WHAT are you DOING?!”

        My second thought was, “Oh yeah, it’s the Vikings on the post-season.”

      • Rob

        I give Keenum props for the ten-seconds-left throw only, as the Vikings were surely on their way to being toast at that point. No way they’d have been able to set up an FG attempt with the clock running at 4 seconds. The earlier pass was indeed a dumb decision – shades of Bret Favre.

  • Gary F

    Why would you have your camera on and recording the last seconds
    of the game?

    • Are you new to the mobile video culture?


      • QuietBlue

        I’ve always assumed a certain percentage of these are staged.

        • Lindsey

          With the ability to pause and rewind live TV, I would guess that at least 50% are staged (and that’s me trying to not be cynical). Otherwise, there was absolutely no reason to be filming at this exact time. Everyone knew that the Saints had won.

          • They may just be capturing for posterity yet another Vikings collapse to add to the collection.

          • Gary Leatherman

            You can’t recreate that spontaneous jubilant “OMFG are you kidding me?!” moment of the long suffering Vikings fan. It was scripted to go the most expected way, and it did not…to our long suffering and inconceivable joy, perhaps healing.

            As for video-ing it, do the math on how many people have a video recorder in their hands today and what percentage would be okay taping the last seconds of a crazy game. Even 1% is going to be ton o’ videos.

      • Gary F

        No, I am of the old scarred and calloused culture of a Vikes fan.
        Beaten and heartbroken that I’ve pretty realized it ain’t going to happen.

        • Gary F

          My wife and son are still rubes. I go outside on Sunday afternoons in the fall, its nice out.

          But I do have to admit, I was at the game yesterday with customers, so technically, I was working.

        • I have to admit that, prior to that play, I was resigned to the fact that once again, the Vikings would lose in the playoffs…

          • lusophone

            When they missed the FG at the end of the 1st half I was already preparing myself for that.

    • a game they figured to lose at that point, even.

    • Dan

      There’s this thing called editing in some cases, my personal favorite are the saints fans that wanted to record the ‘win’ for the saints

  • >>here are a lot of questionable interior design decisions.<<

    This made me chuckle.

  • As an aside, even if Diggs would have been tackled, the tackle would have driven him out of bounds, stopping the clock (there were 4 seconds left when he started running to the EZ)

    The Vikings were well within FG range at the spot of that catch, then again, we all know how FGs in playoff games usually turn out for the boys in purple…


    The people in NO need to lay off the DB who ducked out of the way. I guarantee that the whole Saints defense was told to not take a penalty. Had that DB not ducked out of the way, it was going to be a penalty. As I stated earlier, the Vikings were well within FG range where Diggs caught the ball.

    • Badboy35

      Who knows, he could have been tackled in bounds.

      Call may or may not have happened. It would have been a hit before the ball arrived but we see the replay while ref has to make a decision in real time. If he doesn’t call it, nothing to Appeal.

      • There is no way Diggs stays in bounds if tackled after the catch. He barely stayed in bounds without even being touched.

        So far as a penalty being called, that was my point. The Saints DBs were told to not even CHANCE a penalty down there.

  • Most heard phrase in these videos, “Are you f*cking kidding me?!”


  • Jack

    I don’t feel bad about my lack of housekeeping. See honey, it’s not just me who would rather watch the game than clean house.

    Any video of us would have been really boring, me knitting a baby sweater with purple in it and him saying that it was over. Guess that baby sweater with yellow (gold) will be worked on during next week’s game. 🙂

    Come on Vikings, fifth time is the charm.

  • AL287

    I guess I’ll refrain from doing the snatched-from-the-jaws-of-victory speech to my relatives down in Louisiana.

    No need to rub salt in an open wound.

    I don’t think anyone could have predicted that ending.

  • RChick

    The one moment in Minnesota history where the entire state screamed out as one: “Holy sh!t!! Are you f**king kidding me?!?! OMG!!”

    Are there any seismograph readings from Minnesota taken during this time?

    • Dan

      Little known fact a new world record was set for the most people saying “OMG you gotta be kidding me” at the same time last night

  • Dude (Not Sweet)

    I was prepared for a very depressing evening before that final play. I am overjoyed with the surprising result!

  • Jay Sieling

    I was driving back on the snow slick I94 from the cities last night. I relished Paul Allen’s call on the go ahead field goal, but knew 1:25 on the clock was an eternity for Drew Breeze. I was listening to the game on Sirius XM and when I pulled into a gas station to top the tank off, the signal cut out beneath the canopy. The Saints had just marched down to the 25 yard line. I filled up, got some road food and pulled back onto the freeway. I had sighed and was resigned to the loss. Nostalgia waved over me as I recalled my nephews weeping in ’98 and the hollowness of the 09′ loss to the Saints. There were 17 seconds left when I picked up the signal again. Paul Allen’s call was sullen and matter-of-fact – a telltale sign of an impending loss. And then it happened. Just as I accelerated down the on ramp and onto 94. I will never forget the change in tone and emotion and utter pandemonium of that call. I was alone in my vehicle and I screamed and leaned on the horn, pounding it repeatedly. I smiled and wept. Even alone at that moment I knew we were all reacting in the same way. Thankfully traffic was light at that point, so I don’t think I surprised or offended anyone with the honking. The slick snow covered road improved as I approached home. I’d like to think that’s an apt metaphor for this team. Now, go to Philly and Bring It Home Vikings!

  • Bob Sinclair

    Frankly I was surprised that it was the Vikes that would pull off a last minute victory. In the game previous I was thinking/hoping that the Steelers would be the ones snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

  • crystals

    I could watch these all day (and am).

  • Badboy35

    Case and Diggs are instantly immortalized in Viking history. Any way this season turns out, might have been the most clutch play in Vikings history.

  • Frank Lee

    How to make your video next time.
    DVR the game
    Once done set up your camera and replay the big moment.
    Become ‘famous’

    • X.A. Smith

      Or, you could make a video of yourself reacting pleasantly surprised, but very calm. “Oh, isn’t that nice. Good for them.”

  • Al

    So… why do so many people have selfie cameras going in their living rooms?