The Super Bowl ad you won’t see

The lure of the Super Bowl ad has been fading in recent years, perhaps as the suspense of the actual game has increased.

But Super Bowl ads aren’t what they once were, forcing ad agencies to come up with something more clever.

Now, Skittles has, Ad Freak says.

It will produce a Super Bowl ad, and then show it to only one person.

A Facebook Live broadcast will show Marcos Menendez from Canoga Park, Calif., watching the ad.

And after the game? You still won’t be able to see the ad.

“At this point we absolutely have no plans to show this ad beyond Marcos during the Super Bowl,” said Matt Montei, vice president of fruit confections at Mars.

  • >>Matt Montei, vp of fruit confections at Mars.<<

    I never thought I'd ever see a title such as "VP of Fruit Confections"

    I'm impressed.

    • wjc

      I want that title, or something like it.

      • Rob

        VP of Fragrance Engineering

        • wjc


  • RBHolb

    This is even better than the “Show it Once” Apple 1984 ad.

  • Rob

    Wonder if they got the idea from The Wu Tang Clan. The band made one copy
    of its double LP, “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin,” which ended up being purchased in 2015 by the notorious pharmaceutical bro Martin Shkreli….

    • “Martin Shkreli” – The face you just want to punch…

      • Rob

        …and more than just once

  • Bob Sinclair

    It’s not like not I’m dying to see an ad for Skittles anyway. The “skittle pox” ad is creepy enough.

  • BJ

    A TV ad shown to someone else …. that’s my idea of the perfect ad.

  • Jay Sieling

    A twist on this fad of watching people watch Television? I guess it started with YouTube ‘reaction’ videos. I wonder how they selected this individual? Was there an audition, so they know he’ll react in an outgoing, energetic way? Guessing that’s why he’s in California and not up on the iron range. his reaction, no matter how creative or outrageous the commercial would simply be “well, that’s different”