Philadelphia fans maintain reputation in NFC Championship game violence

We’re going to have plenty of these sorts of videos, we suspect. There’s nothing classy about Philadelphia sports fans and Vikings fans were warned it might be a bad idea to wear the purple at the Vikings-Eagles game.

These people got off light.

Obviously not suitable for the workplace.

Oh, it got worse. A lot worse.

Should the Eagles beat the Vikings, Now these people will be coming here.

Which means Vikings fans who hate Patriots fans — who doesn’t? — have to embrace these people.

  • Paul Drake

    Vikings fans ain’t exactly angels. I was at a game when a kid wearing a jersey for the opponent was subjected to taunts and swearing.

  • Tier eg

    Come on now…all Vikings fans are not exactly angels. Did you hear about the classy gathering some had pre-game at the Philadelphia Art Museum, where they mocked Philly fans by putting Vikings garb on the Rocky statue and doing the Skol chant? I think that’s where the game’s Skol chant ribbing came from.

    As for the bottle tossing clip, that is very unfortunate. I can’t speak to that behavior. But, my brother and I walked several blocks to and from the game with tons of other Philly fans, passing Viking fans along the way. I didn’t see any bad conduct. At the game, we had Vikings fans around us. No foulness to see there.

    Are there some bad seeds in Philly? Sure. But it’s unfortunate to label all based on the bad behavior of a few.

    • Ben Chorn

      Doing chants and non-destructive fun is okay.

      Fighting and throwing things at opposing fans is not.

    • Cool story, Bro.

    • RBHolb

      Oh, noes! Putting Vikings garb on the Rocky statue? Heavens, how dreadful!

      Remember, the police in Philly had to grease lampposts to keep fans from climbing them. Does anyone know how well that worked?

      • Tier eg

        Obviously no one read the rest of my post, (you know. saw tons of Philly fans and some Vikings fans, no issues whatsoever. Shame to lump all fans into bad behavior of few).

        But, I get it. Philly fans bad, Minnesota fans good. Keep those generalizations and biases going.

  • fritzdahmus

    This in-your-face crap started years ago – when we all “idolized” the Michigan Fab Five trash talk in the 1990s. Well, at least most of us did. I guess fans think that gives them a free pass to be obnoxious.

    It’s not the issues or opinions that divide us, it’s the way we act that divide us.

  • Ben Chorn

    One more for good measure too (throwing beer at the Vikings bus as it left):

    • People in the Twin Cities are actually AirBNB’ing their homes to these people. That should turn out well.

      • Dan

        I would guess that in a Venn diagram of Philadelphians, there wouldn’t be much overlap between “beer chucker” and “can afford a trip to the Super Bowl”.

        • They may not have game tickets, but they can always come here to create mayhem…

          • Dan

            The Super 8 in Chaska is going for $400 per night that weekend.

          • Wow, that’s ridiculous.

  • Ah, the “City of Brotherly love.”

    Stay classy, Philly.

    /Maybe they need to reinstall that jail at the stadium?

  • Angry Jonny

    Suddenly, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” makes all the sense in the world.

    • Greg W

      The Gang Gets Arrested and Booked for Disturbing the Peace and Inciting a Riot.

  • Kent Merkey

    I have friends who were adamant about not putting their place up for B&B, in part because of trashing that took place at some homes that were put up for hosting during a golf tournament. Also, their homeowners insurance would not cover damage as the rental was a business arrangement rather than just some visitors.

  • Jerry

    You have to be careful around people who think they receive validation based on someone else’s success.

  • Mike Worcester

    Maybe they should have kept their “court” at the stadium?