Parents, smartphones rescue middle-school musical

It’s a rare day anymore when parents get a little credit for their behavior at the extracurricular events of their kids (example).

So give it up for the parents of the kids at Miles River Middle School in Hamilton, Mass., where a power outage threatened to curtail the winter musical performance of “James and the Giant Peach.” A winter storm was raging outside.

In darkness, the kids kept going. But if a play occurs in the dark, does it really happen?

And the orchestra might have had a hard time keeping up without being able to see the music.

Cue the parents.

“One member of the audience took out their cell phone and turned on the flash,” eighth-grader Margo Tsouvalas said.

Fifty or sixty others followed the lead.

“It looked like stars. I almost cried. I was holding in a lot of tears because I just thought it was so beautiful,” she said.

  • JamieHX

    I love this!! Nice photo.

  • Carol Ann McKenzie

    I was there and this was the most magical evening I have attended in a long time! We in the audience may have lit the auditorium but the real kudos go to those kids who did not let the complete blackout throw them for one second! The kids kept on going without skipping a beat. The room was in complete blackout, the electric keyboard and vocal mics went completely silent. The keyboard player rushed to the baby grand piano on the other side of the auditorium with her music in hand, and as one person held a cell phone to light the music she stood and played the piano until another person ran over to her with a seat for her to sit on. The drummer kept on drumming, the kids belted out their songs from the stage to overcome their failed vocal mics! This show certainly did go on and everyone in the audience cheered with delight and pride at what a wonderful job those young thespians did that night!
    The whole room was radient in that darkness! Amazing !