How to shovel out a moose

This video is racing across the InterTubes today. A group of snowmobilers came upon a stranded moose on Saturday in Canada’s maritime province of Newfoundland.

They dug it out.

We are not well schooled on the art and science of digging moose out of snow, but we note that interesting technique of getting a moose to move once dug out of the snow: throwing snow on it.

Here’s another quick video of the moose we helped get on his way after he found himself stuck neck deep!

Posted by Sledcore on Monday, January 1, 2018

Eventually, the moose got loose.

“It’s an up to 1,000-pound animal and they can do quite some damage,” Jonathan Anstey, co-owner of the Sledcore snowmobiling riding clinic in western Newfoundland, tells the CBC. “But considering his back legs were down in the mud hole we knew he couldn’t get out quickly and bust out to trample us.”