For Kevin Love, it’s like old times

As long as his team was playing well — which it has since his trade from the Minnesota Timberwolves — Kevin Love wasn’t likely to be dogged by the type of locker room rumors as he was with the Timberwolves.

Those days are over. The Cleveland Cavaliers have dropped six of their last eight games and 10 of their last 14, and the Kevin Love watch is well underway with things turning ugly.

Love missed games this weekend because he was sick.

Or was he?

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports a clubhouse meeting put Love in the crosshairs, with teammates accusing him of bailing on them.

Several players were pushing for the Cavaliers’ management and coaching staff to hold Love accountable for leaving the arena before the end of Saturday’s game, and then missing Sunday’s practice, league sources told ESPN.

Wojnarowski said things calmed down once Love explained himself, although there are no details about what Love said. Perhaps they were just happy to see him playing defense.

Timberwolves fans fretted for years that Love might leave their team. Then he was traded for Andrew Wiggins and it’s been nothing but “Kevin who?” since.

Last night, Wiggins scored 40 points as the Timberwolves equalled their win total for all of last season.

The lesson? Don’t spend your life worrying about things that might happen.

  • Sam M

    “Perhaps they were just happy to see him playing defense.”

    If there was a NewsCut HOF for sentences this would be first ballot…. unless the BBWAA is voting.

  • MikeB

    What ails the Cavs is a big list but Love does get to be the punching bag. The Jazz would be a good (hoop) location for him. Catching those Rubio passes and having Gobert get all those blocks from Love’s assignments would perk him up.

    • theoacme

      On a Jazz blog, about 99 percent of the denizens would trade Rubio to anyone, even al-Qaeda, for a player to be named later…

      …no info on how many remember the time a team traded a player that way, only to see that the player that they got back was…

      …wait for it…

      …the same player…

      …but wait, that happened four times in baseball, and I thought it was just a Cubs thing (Dickie Noles in 86), but the Indians had one too (Harry Chiti in 62)…