Donations reach $200k in tribute to New Orleans punter

Following up on yesterday’s post, New Orleans Saints punter Thomas Morstead has now raised about $200,000 for Children’s Hospital by being willing to come back on the field for a meaningless last snap in Sunday’s Minnesota Vikings victory.

Fans have contributed money to his foundation in New Orleans, but he’s turned around and donated it back, believing the money should stay in the community.

It’ll go to help families whose children are facing major health issues.

Thank you Thomas Morstead!

Hey Thomas Morstead our little Skoldiers have a message for you! What You Give Will Grow

Posted by Children's Minnesota on Thursday, January 18, 2018

What about this week and the upcoming playoff game between the Vikings and Eagles?

Keep an eye on defensive end Chris Long, who also has a foundation, through which he has donated his entire salary to educational charities in support of educational equality.

Alternately, Vikings fans can pick up the phone at any moment and donate money to a worthy cause, just because.

You don’t have to wait for a miracle. You can just make one happen yourself.