Despite vandalism, Field of Dreams will remind us of all that is good again

We can’t have nice things, even in heaven.

The Dubuque Telegraph Herald says someone vandalized the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa on Monday night. Someone drove car or truck onto the field (the set where the movie was filmed) and raced around, causing thousands of dollars in damages.

“Someone who is disturbed had some agenda to damage the field,” owner Denise Stillman said. “It’s upsetting.”

Al Steffen, the site’s field manager, said he was called out to the scene in the morning to inspect the damage.

“There are gashes up to four inches deep in the outfield,” Steffen said. “Whoever did it was really able to dig in.”

Steffen said it’s not the first time someone’s driven a vehicle out onto the field. However, the combination of warmer weather and steady rain loosened the soil enough for the vehicle to cause serious damage.

The majority of the damage occurred in center field and left field, he said.

Along with destroyed grass, the field’s sprinkler system was damaged, Steffen said.

“It’s disappointing that this would happen at this time,” Steffen said. “We won’t be able to do anything for months.”

He said a final assessment won’t be available until the seasons change.

“We need to wait until the spring to figure out how much we’re going to need to tear up,” Steffen said.

There are no security cameras on the field. Field officials were not able to identify the vehicle responsible for the destruction, Steffen sai

While it won’t take an army of steamrollers, it will take a full year to fix the damage although Stillman plans to keep it open to tourists during the time. A fundraising campaign raised almost the entire $15,000 in one day. A portion of that will be used to install a security system.

Not surprisingly, quite a few of the donors are making their donations in memory of their fathers. One did so in memory of Shoeless Joe Jackson.

(h/t: Bryan Reynolds)

  • Jim in RF

    One of the most over-rated films of my time. Yes, I have a motive, but didn’t do it.

    • Why do you hate America? :*)

      • crystals

        That escalated quickly.
        (I’m using a sarcastic font in my head!)

        • Jim in RF

          He’s got a cruel side.

      • theoacme

        The Star Wars leviathan series * (all of them) is definitely more overrated than Field of Dreams…which means that I, according to the Jedi Foundation, am worse than Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Jar Jar Binks, and psoriasis, combined…

        * – full disclosure, I only saw the first one, in a theatre, and thought it was a bad film, because it wasn’t science fiction…and I still think that the original Star Trek wasn’t science fiction either (Wagon Train to the stars, Star Trek was…)

        As for baseball movies, I don’t need to see a Hollywood baseball film, when I know that real life baseball can trump any film (see Game Six from the 1986 World Series in Shea Stadium, after Game Five from the 1986 ALCS…add the 1982 World Series, the 1984 NLCS, Game Three of the 1989 World Series…oh, yeah, 1991 and Jack Morris…and yes, the Memorial Day game last season at Target Field against the Astros)…at least, until somebody makes a really good movie about Ron Santo…

    • Guest

      AAAAAHHHH, but also one of the most memorable and enjoyable too 🙂

  • Mike Worcester

    Best scene in the whole movie 🙂

    • No…no…no……it wasn’t. It wasn’t a story about baseball. It was a story about fathers and sons. THIS was the best scene in the movie.

      The sons of America can usually hold it in right up until “hey…dad…” Especially if your father is dead.

      • Lindsey

        Can’t find it right now, but the best scene is where Moonlight Graham gives up baseball to save Ray’s daughter’s life.

          • Lindsey

            There’s something about Moonlight giving up baseball twice that makes the movie for me.

          • Guest

            Is it dusty in here, my eyes are watering.

  • Gary F

    If you haven’t been there, I’d recommend it. Bring your gloves, and a wood bat if you have on.

    And bring your kids, bring your dad, or both. Stop at the farm toy museum in Dyersville. There are plenty of nice roadside stops and great food.

    I can’t think of why you would think this would be a good idea to destroy this. Iowans do drink a lot of Busch Light.

    • I have this fantasy where my kids ask me to drive to Dyersville for Father’s Day

  • Robert Moffitt

    UPDATE: The vandal has listened to the better angels of his nature and turned himself in.