Cumberland, Wis., cancels school like it’s 1999

It seems pretty clear now we’re in a no-school-announcement arms race.

This week alone, we had the principal of a Kentucky academy send a video to students announcing the cancellation of classes.

You can’t top something like that.

“Hold my homework,” said the Cumberland, Wis., school district.

Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean’s hit came in 1999. There are no students — except for a senior or two — who were around in 1999.

  • Come on, Minnesota school districts. Up your school-cancelling game.

    • Rob

      A truly classy group. Vibes rule!

      • They are. Saw them at the Dakota a few weeks ago and revised my New Year’s Resolutions to put “spend more time in the Mpls music scene” at the top.

  • John

    We don’t cancel school here. We’re too hardy and winter resistant. (end sarcasm)

  • Jack

    Sorry but nobody beats Boone and Erickson.