A billboard of fake news

This tweet, and some others like it, got a fair amount of traction over the weekend.

There’s a bigger story to it than the suggestion that it signals Republicans are turning on the president. They’re not.

Sally Jo Sorensen, at Bluestem Prairie, says the group claiming to have sponsored the billboard — Republicans for Honesty in Government — has been around since 2004, and traces back to a DFL contributor from Hampton, Minn., where the billboard reportedly was erected in October.

But, as is often the case with social media, the retweeting of the original post has morphed into being an apology from the Republican Party of Minnesota. It clearly is not.

  • MrE85

    Sally Jo did a good job on this. This didn’t smell right to me from the start.

    • I poked around a little bit and only got as far as the AM Holland name and then got bored. The fact there was another billboard last year told me there’s no tidal shift going on, that this group — well, this one guy — was anti-Trump all along.

      • MrE85

        I doubt if we will see any “shift” unless the Trump brand becomes a political liability to Republican candidates and office holders. And perhaps not even then.

        • This seems as though the local GOP may be distancing themselves from Trump in preparation for the mid-term elections.

          • Did you read Sorenson’s post?

          • Apparently not.

            *reads post*

            Huh…obviously not the first thing I thought when I first saw the sign.

            /I see this billboard every time I go to Red Wing…which is an awesome town BTW.

  • Jerry

    I drive by that billboard every day. I assumed Pat Garofalo was behind it, because he has always been strongly #nevertrump.

    • Jerry

      Although, like most Republicans who claim to be against Trump, I think he only dislikes his style, not his policies.

  • Zachary

    Is this a case of “We don’t care what your name is, you just have to have a name” – with regards to setting up a billboard sponsorship?

  • kevins

    Regardless of who paid, I can’t disagree with the conclusion.

  • Jack Ungerleider
    • Geez, WHAT are YOU DOING? NewsCut broke THAT billboard story.


      • Jack Ungerleider

        It looks like I even commented on that story. 8-p
        But my memory isn’t as good as it used to be so I searched for the image of the billboard and took the story attached to the first decent version of the image.
        To quote the scholar Max Klinger, “I should be whipped the tongues of a 1000 camels.”

  • Carol Zazubek

    Why the headline A Billboard of Fake News? That’s very misleading and it, as well as the story, seeks to diminish the impact of the sign. The billboard itself is not fake news. It exists. I’ve seen it. The fact that some are attributing it to the R’s as a whole is different subject

    • Did you read the post. The billboard claims to be from a group of Republicans. It’s not. There’s a word for that.

      • Carol Zazubek

        Yes I read the post. Who did put it up then?