Yes, they still stop the presses

This tweet, from Rochester Post Bulletin photojournalist Andrew Link, is the sort of thing that can bring a tear to an old-school news junkie.

A late-breaking story, a hold on a deadline, and then the presses roll.

Presses? Ask your grandparents, kids.

Tip your carrier.

  • MrE85
    • Jack

      I remember learning how to make one after visiting the Denver Post when I was a kid. Incidentally that was shortly after the Watergate Comedy hour LP came out. Anyone else remember that album? I think my folks still have it

    • John O.

      At least it isn’t made of tin foil.

  • As an aside, while working at a printing company in the 1990’s I got the chance to yell, “Stop the presses” via the intercom when a last minute job change came to light.

    /It was pretty cool.

  • Jack Ungerleider

    Whenever the phrase “stop the presses” is mentioned I think of the great 60s era comedy album “You Don’t Have To Be Jewish”. (I think the track would be one of the “Quickies” tracks.)

    Voice (yelling): Stop the presses! Stop the presses! We got a scoop. Hold the back page.

  • Barton

    that phrase always makes me think of those lovely movies from the 30s, 40s and 50s, where you had some reporter (usually who drank too much and was really scruffy) in a horribly wrinkled trench coat, who slogged into the news room after meeting with some informant/rat (depending on the focus of the story), yelling at the editor to stop the presses.

    Honestly, I don’t know that that movie I’ve described actually exists, but may be instead an amalgamation of all those movies I used to watch….

  • Al

    You can just FEEL the newsprint on your hands.