Twin Cities’ couple celebrates birthday by pretending to be mugged

Katie Mager, 27, of Apple Valley, Minn., a teacher, and Ryan Reiersgaard, 27, of Burnsville, Minn., a ride sharing driver, had a ton of fun last week, claiming they were robbed and, as is often the case in these sorts of things, claiming the perpetrator was a person of color.

The Chicago Tribune reports it was Ryan’s birthday and they thought one way to celebrate was to claim three men approached them with a knife and took her engagement ring, along with $5,000 cash, $3,000 Louis Vuitton suitcase, a Burberry purse, a $2,000 MacBook Air laptop, a $300 suitcase, a wallet and a $150 iPad Mini.

Mager told police she could recognize one of the alleged attackers because he “looked like a milk-dud or Fat Albert, reeked of marijuana and was short in height and heavy-set,” according to Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph Carlson.

Reiersgaard said the whole scam was Mager’s idea and that “he doesn’t know her motives.” He said that sometimes, their “shenanigans” get out of control and that he was only trying to have some fun on his birthday, Carlson said.

All the men who allegedly mugged them were black, she said, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Barney Fife could’ve solved this caper, particularly since security film at the airport showed they didn’t have any luggage or carry-on baggage.

Video from where the assault allegedly occurred showed nothing.

They told officers they had landed at O’Hare International Airport from Minneapolis around 9 p.m. and spent about three hours trying to find a rental car.

Mager said she was trying to meet her friend in Evanston for pizza but couldn’t remember the restaurant name. They told police they got lost near Lower Wacker Drive, parked the car and got out on foot with their luggage.

Reiersgaard told police he couldn’t track the Apple items because they were turned off. Maher said she was too stressed out to think about why they would have gotten out of the car to walk around to look for their hotel with their luggage, according to prosecutors.

Police said the couple was unable to provide serial numbers for the luggage, electronics and jewelry. Airport security footage showed them traveling without luggage.

After being arrested, Mager told police she “made a mistake, had bad friends and is sorry.” She said she would only be honest with police if they promised to let her go home, prosecutors said.

Right. Because that’s exactly how it works when you’re charged with felonies.

  • Barton

    This just makes me all sweary. And judgmental. And I hope they get the book thrown at them (not literally) as well as required diversity training.

    • Lois Gaetz

      The “book” should be: How Not to be Stupid, and let’s hope it a nice thick volume!

    • L. Foonimin

      I agree they should have the maximum sentence the law allows. What they did is truly dumb, but given what we know from this story do you really think 8 hours of diversity training would change this couples future behavior?

  • EarthToBobby

    Ahh yes, the old “Some black kid did it” defense.

  • Back in the 80s when I did police work, I quickly came to realize that my job was made much easier by the stupidity of the perpetrators, who were often fueled by alcohol. Today, with video everywhere, it boggles the mind how people can think they can make up stories like these folks and assume that they can’t be checked. And criminals can add mobile phones and texting as well as a plethora of smart home devices that can squeal on them and upend their narratives.

  • Lois Gaetz

    “a teacher” here’s to hoping that becomes her former occupation, very soon…

  • Al

    Huh. Two stories about bullies today. People, how hard is it to be a halfway decent human being?

  • “Mager said she was trying to meet her friend in Evanston for pizza but couldn’t remember the restaurant name.”

    … and couldn’t remember how to use Google/Bing/Yelp to search for Evanston, IL pizza restaurants to help jog her memory? Tech-savvy Millennials she and he are not.

  • Seriously, who travels with $5k in cash anyway?

    • Jerry

      Drug dealers?

    • Jack Ungerleider

      Going to Chicago, hopefully nobody. Somebody headed for some serious “fun” in Las Vegas? But they’d probably have it in a money belt.

    • Barton

      yeah, this is where I was getting judgmental. Same thing – who travels with this kind of money? Not them it seems since they don’t either since they made it all up

  • Rob

    Clearly not the sharpest tools in the shed.

  • flqueenfan

    If a teacher and ride-share driver can afford a $15,000 engagement ring and all the other items, I’m in the wrong line of work. 🙂
    I work in insurance law, and there are so many times where people will file a claim for a theft, submit a list of items that were stolen that add up to well into the 6 figures, then advise they’re unemployed or “just starting out” so they really need the money. They get so defensive when asked for receipts or photos of the items.

  • Jack Ungerleider

    The crazy thing is if she had stopped at the ring and the cash and maybe the purse, the story would be plausible. It would be easy to explain the ring being in the purse with the cash. A purse snatching is more believable than a full on robbery on the street.

    • I could see a GoFundMe campaign springing up as a result of a story like this. I don’t trust GoFundMe anymore.

      • Jack Ungerleider

        Oh sure, something like this. We were robbed at knife point in Chicago they stole my engagement ring and the money we planned to use for our wedding rings. Please help us replace the one ring and buy the two we need to have a happy wedding [insert date here]. Target: $20,000

        Any system designed to separate people from their money based on a sad story is ripe for good scam artists. These two fortunately don’t rise to the level of “good”.

  • L. Foonimin

    Sure do hope her School Board is paying attention.