Texting while toddler

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety tweeted a video today in support of a campaign to discourage texting while driving.

Oh, for cute!

At the same time, however, we are desperately hoping the scene was a set-up and that toddlers don’t have smartphones.

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  • Yep, hang up and drive.

    /My former car after getting rear-ended at 45 mph while I was at a hard red light. Pushed me into the two cars in front of me.

    //The guy was cited for texting while driving.


    • kevins


    • Rob

      GTK you were not seriously injured.

      • I walked away a bit bloodied and still have issues with my neck and terrible tinnitus from the bags going off.

        /I have a lawyer too, so there’s that…

        • Rob

          Lawyers do have their uses – good luck to you!

  • Rob

    To get into a good kindergarten college prep school, kids need to be technologically literate. So it’s essential for toddlers to have cellphones and laptops.