Snowy owl invades Duluth coffee plant

You probably know how the routine goes if you’ve ever been in the coffee roasting business. You throw the beans in the roaster, get ready to turn on the heat, and remove the snowy owl that’s looking back at you from inside the cooling vent where the bean chaff is collected.

So it was just another day at work on Wednesday for the employees at the Alakef Coffee/City Girl Coffee Company in Duluth.

“I caught sight of something white. I saw eyes and then I saw feathers and then I think it tried to fly out because it was spooked, seriously startled and very dirty,” employee Ezra Bennett tells the Duluth News Tribune.

“She was in the wrong place at the wrong time and I was in the right place at the right time,” Bennett said.

She’s been taken to the Raptor Center in the Twin Cities along with her new name.


  • Gary F

    Just look at the way he just carries that bird. Man, I’d probably be missing a finger if I tried that.

    • Jerry

      When my cat looks like that I know it’s time to set her down and walk away.

  • MrE85

    If they don’t offer a “White Owl Blend” to their customers, they are missing a great opportunity.

  • Joseph

    I’m so glad I did my Eagle Scout project for the Raptor Center 🙂 Hopefully Mokka makes a full recovery quickly! (And maybe learns to stick to decaf 😉 )

  • Jerry

    I wonder if a change of pants was required by the person who first found her. Finding large angry animals where you weren’t expecting to find them can be a little startling. Actually, finding small angry animals where you weren’t expecting can be startling too.

  • Jim G

    A wise owl might conclude that similar occurrences could be prevented if chicken wire were installed on the outside opening of the cooling vent.

  • Rob

    Owl expect News Cut to provide updates on Mokka’s recovery progress. 🦉

  • kevins

    OK this is totally inappropriate so apologies ahead of time, but the media reports that the owl was heard to say “Lock him up…” several times on his way to the first aide tent. I’m self-banning for two days Bob so have a great weekend!