Romans gather ’round the Christmas toilet brush

The Christmas snobs are needle-shaming a poor tree in Rome.

Every year there’s a story somewhere of an ugly Christmas tree, with little regard to the poor thing’s feelings.

It’s Rome’s turn, The Guardian reports.

The locals are referring to it as a “toilet brush.”

There’s some real holiday spirit.

(h/t: Bob Hicks)

  • Jerry
    • ET

      They just need to stand around it and wave their arms. That makes everything better.

  • Gary F

    I could see that coming to other southern European countries as the EU fails.

    • Rob

      Not sure how problems caused to this tree from improper transport serves as a political metaphor, but whatever.

      • jon

        When you have an agenda to push you can make anything a political metaphor… for instance, I could say “dead pine trees in Italy, climate change is here people!” and since this is post factual america, I don’t need to provide any supporting evidence, or facts, or rational.

        Make a statement, get a reaction, people who support my position will support the statement people who oppose will oppose.

        It’s best it you keep it under 280 characters too… (which is actually an improvement from the 140 characters we used to keep it too…)