NPR names replacement for Robert Siegel

We now know how life is to go on at NPR’s All Things Considered with the retirement of Robert Siegel.

He’ll be replaced by Mary Louise Kelly.

Kelly showed her anchoring chops and fearlessness when she was given the unenviable task of grilling her boss — NPR CEO Jarl Mohn — about NPR’s response to sexual misconduct charges against then senior editor Michael Oreskes.

“I’ve never felt that kind of power, that day I was interviewing Jarl,” Kelly tells Vogue. “The sense that I was posing those questions on behalf of all the women at NPR, all the journalists at NPR, all the women in public radio. All the women across this country who would like to be able to grill their bosses about harassment in the workplace, and how it has been allowed to happen and for so long.”

“It certainly won’t be lost on anyone that the female journalist who went and questioned our CEO—a move that my mother was convinced would get me fired, grilling my boss on air—that they ended up promoting that person,” she said.

Kelly’s style in the interview differed markedly from more avuncular ways of the retiring Siegel.