1,000 Words: The political spouse

The eye is drawn to the smiling politician in the center of this Associated Press photo, until you follow the line created by linked hands and see the face of his spouse, and a different story — different words, if you will — is revealed.

  • Barton

    To me she looks annoyed by the maul of cameras she is fighting through.

    • Lindsey

      It looks like they are getting in the way of her being able to walk with Al, as well.

  • wjc

    If you took 400 photos of someone running the press gauntlet, I’ll bet you could find any expression you’d like to find on their face. I wish we’d leave the spouses out of this (whether right or left-leaning), unless they choose to speak on their own behalf.

  • MrE85

    We’ve heard just about everyone’s opinion on this matter. Except hers. I’m not saying she needs to make any type of a public statement, but she’s been on my mind since the story first broke 3 weeks ago.

    • Erick

      Me too. Thank you.

  • Gary F

    He’s smiling, she’s not. Being a political spouse would not be fun at all.