Woman almost killed by truck’s cargo on I-94

Maybe there’s a grand plan behind the randomness of life, but you couldn’t prove it by today’s Minnesota State Patrol post on Facebook describing what happened to a woman, minding her own business while driving on Interstate 94 in Maple Grove, when it appears she was nearly decapitated.

Imagine seeing this come through your windshield. That’s what happened to a 38-year-old Minnesota woman last week as she…

Posted by Minnesota State Patrol on Friday, November 3, 2017

It’s sparked people to submit their own stories.

The same thing happened to me on Wednesday on 94 between 30 and Weaver Lake.. the semi was in the slow lane and I was in the middle lane, when a chuck on metal fell off his truck and landed in front on my car.. nowhere to go so I had to hit it.. now I’m stuck in a loaner car for the next week or so..

Also happened to my wife some years ago when she was traveling abreast a truck full of steel that wasn’t secured correctly. The steel rolled off and onto her car.

Trucks are dangerous partners on the highway. A good rule of thumb is to allow several zip codes to exist between you and the trucker.