Solve this photo mystery

Here’s a chance to be a hero again, internet. No pressure.

Look at these pictures.

Brenda Karunya Peters, the entertainment manager at St. Paul’s Amsterdam Bar and Hall, says they were found there about a month ago.

She writes on Facebook:

Someone loved these photos. A lot. Staff found them at Amsterdam Bar and Hall somewhere close to a month ago. They were in a tattered white envelope that had postage paid for in River Falls, WI (though it appears to have never actually gone through the mail) and was stamped with a website for No sender or recipient on the envelope.

The only writing on any of the photos are “Dennis James, Age 4, 1956” on the picture of the boy in the chair; “Jesus Loves Melissa” on the Polaroid of the girl; and “taken on Christmas Eve, 1956, Hopkins” on the photo of the 3 kids.

I would love to see these photos make their way back to their owner. If any of these photos look familiar, or the names Melissa and Dennis James ring a bell, or you’re SUPER GOOD at researching stuff like this, please comment below or PM me. I will be holding onto these photos until we find their owner. Let’s use this internet machine to get these pictures home!

You’ve never let me down on these searches before, internet.

Do that thing you do.

(h/t: Ali Lozoff)