Roy Halladay’s last moments

TMZ has released a video showing former Cy Young pitcher Roy Halladay’s final moments in his airplane yesterday.

Once again, the video also shows that when people first arrive at the accident scene, their instinct was to take a video and sell it to TMZ.

  • Erik Petersen

    Well, I think you describe it more uncharitably than it actually is. What’s a realistic expectation, that people won’t run their cameras? And then won’t let footage be acquired?

    • A realistic expectation in 2017, you mean? That.

      • Erik Petersen

        True. I don’t think if any of those people could help though that they would have just stood idly by running cameras. If you’re not helping, and cant, I don’t think getting footage is a bad thing.

        • Rob

          Ghouls R Us.

          • Kellpa07

            Yeah. Media outlets that publish this ought to be ashamed. But, it’s 2017 and they survive on clicks.

        • I can’t tell for sure, but that looks like a plane that’s upside down. Don’t see anybody jumping in to help get the canopy open in case a guy is in there drowning (always a fear with bubble canopies), especially if that’s shallow water. But we’ll see what the M.E. rules on C.O.D.

          • Erik Petersen

            He may as well have hit the ground. It wasn’t a water skip landing. It was instant deceleration.

            I don’t think you get the canopy open without jaws of life etc. Too much to ask of the bystanders to go in and try. Wreckage is dangerous in the first place. Upside down wreckage in water, shallow or not, even more so. I do not think they are rightfully begrudged.

          • You have to break a canopy. On plexi, once you get a crack, you can split it easily. But it’s really hard to get the crack from the inside. I doubt there was a canopy breaker on board.

            We’ll see what the NTSB ends up determining. I’m not convinced at all that he augered in. I’m not seeing enough airframe damage (especially a composite) to conclude that. I can easily imagine the problem being a nose-over and drowning. The horizontal stabilizer and elevator is perfectly intact . Wings seem perpendicular to the fuselage. The vertical stab looks relatively undamaged.

            Meanwhile, wonder how long it’ll be before TMZ gets this?


          • Jeff

            The raw news footage (that’s since been pulled) showed him floating outside the aircraft and I believe you can hear someone say “there he is” in the above footage so it doesn’t appear being trapped was an issue. As for the first responder footage, I’d agree with Erik that if there’s nothing else you can do it’s not necessarily a bad thing to take video. Selling it might be more of an issue for me. My first instinct would be to give it to investigators. But I guess we don’t know if this guy did that in addition to making some money off it.

          • oh, god. there was raw footage of him floating???? geez, people.

          • Jeff

            Not to excuse it but I don’t know if they knew what it was when they posted it. It pretty much blended in with the debris and wasn’t obvious. I didn’t even notice it until I saw a comment on it. It was pulled shortly after that. The race to be first I guess.

          • Monumentally sad. Man, that company, though, has marketed this thing to be flown pretty much just how he flew it (except for the crashing part).

          • Erik Petersen

            I’m not a pilot and can’t fake credible pilot talk… but it seems intuitive that safety is maintained better a good distance from the ground.

          • In a way, this is a bit like the crash up by Anoka a few weeks ago when a guy went low (below tree level) to go up the Mississippi River, not knowing apparently that there was a cable stretched across the river.

            A lot of folks like to get real low because it enhances the feeling of speed (although top speed on this plane was only 120 mph). He tweeted about how it felt like a fighter jet. It’s too back there’s a few homebuilt models of aircraft with bubble canopies that will go 200 mph and will be much closer to a fighter jet. You don’t have to get down low for the feeling. Such a shame.

          • Erik Petersen

            Earlier this summer I was walking by the St. Croix near Afton marina and a person was flying a small jet very low through the valley… I could only describe it as what I imagine a little bit of an antique fighter trainer would look like. Small jet, and he could fly it slow and turn it within that space of the lower lake St Croix. Maybe he was no closer than 300 feet up but it struck me as ‘low’ and somewhat dangerous. Just south of there are some aerial lines from one side of the river to the other.

          • There’s a cable across the river near there. I wonder if he knew that?

      • Erick

        I do have to note that you posted an active link. Yes, the video may be available elsewhere but reposting it is not part of the solution.

  • Erik Petersen

    Re your other comments, I think you have hit this on the head. Plane isn’t unsafe per se, but boy that marketing where they show all the fun in flying low…

  • flqueenfan

    First, ugh. People must have their 15 minutes.
    Second, I’m a bit confused–the wreckage and Mr. Halladay’s body were found in mangroves. Did these dingleberries let him float to shore?

    • Erik Petersen

      That is mangroves for all intents and purposes, saltwater mangrove estuary say… but some open water there

      • flqueenfan

        Not that far out in the Gulf. I lived in that area of Pasco County for years.

  • By the way, ICON, you may recall, was the company that initially refused to sell a plane to you unless you waived your right to sue.

  • Gary F

    He could really pitch in his day. I kinda forgot about him once he went to Philly. He had a few good years there too.

    Very creepy, but unless I actually saw him floating or calling for help, I can’t say that I’d do any more than call the authorities and poke around with an oar looking for him. I’d stay in the boat. With that much oil on the surface, that much sharp metal, you have no idea how long you would last if you actually jumped in.

    I wouldn’t be selling it to TMZ.

  • Guest

    “A pilot with superior skill & ability uses his superior skill to keep himself OUT of situations that require his superior ability”