Report: Right-wing militia groups threaten civil war

If ISIS can find an army of recruits using the power of social media, United Patriots of Minnesota 3 percent shouldn’t have much trouble, either. There are plenty of people around itching for a civil war.

Take away 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing, nearly twice as many people in the United States have died since 1990 from terrorism on From 2001-2016 there have been more attacks from the far right than from Islamic terrorism, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

Is it really a threat?

Fox 9 News suggests Jason Thomas, who was the leader of the 3 Percenters in Minnesota until the FBI raided his Red Wing, Minn., home, talked a typical militia game, but was mostly hot air.

By last year, other members had had enough of Thomas.

They complained on Facebook that, “the last 4 training events have been drunk fests.”

“Sat morning there was broken beer bottles in my fire pit and puke in my yard. One guy slept in his car with no idea how he even got there,” read one post.

Members also began to question Thomas’ alleged military background.

“I’ve had him personally say he was in the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan. And I know it’s a flat out lie,” said Raider.

The Fox 9 Investigators checked and Thomas doesn’t have a military record, something he admitted.

“His lies put us in danger with the FBI and the government,” said Raider

They see themselves as a militia, but they have more drama than reality show housewives.

It’s hard to tell if they’re just peculiar misfits, a legitimate political movement, or some kind of domestic threat.

The group has since elected a new leader.

Sean Hayden told Fox 9 his group is preparing for civil wars.

His manifesto to the like-minded carried a Minnesota twinge.

Be nice to your fellow 3 Percenters. No name calling, insulting, and attacking other members. Doing such will get you banned.